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Mouth watering strawberry ice cream, deep fried for maximum temptation

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

For those that love the refreshing and mouth-watering taste of a deep-fried strawberry ice cream, this is for you. This has a scrumptious premium flavor to it, so it actually tastes just like strawberry iced cream deep fried.  If you’re a fan of deep fried ice cream, but you don’t want to deal with the calories and the like that’s involved in this, then this premium flavor is perfect for you. This is quite the refreshing flavor, and it’s one that you’ll never want enough of.  

The strawberry flavor tastes just like strawberries, and it’s a fun, stimulating flavor that will savor your taste buds and get you excited. It’s an amazing flavor, and you can have it right at your disposal with this mouth-watering vape flavor. You won’t want to miss it, and you can take the refreshing taste of deep fried ice cream with you wherever you go with this vape juice. 

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