Strawberry Blood Orange Nic Salts

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Freshly squeezed blood orange mixed with sweet strawberries to balance the refreshing flavour

12 mg has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio
All other strengths are 65% VG 35% PG ratio

Do you enjoy the bold, refreshing taste of blood orange, combined with the succulent taste of nicotine salts? You can now enjoy this in your favorite vape liquid, with a strawberry blood orange flavor that you will certainly love.

It’s got a very pungent blood orange flavor to it, one that you will definitely enjoy if blood orange is your favorite fruit. It’s quite sweet, and very succulent, and you’ll be completely immersed in the bold, refreshing flavors of this as you begin to have more of it. It’s also got the extra addition of strawberries, which in turn give it that blood orange flavor that you’ll definitely love.

That, combined with the extra addition of nicotine salts will provide for you a fun, strong flavor and a strong nicotine amount that will get you excited and going. It’s quite a strong flavor, and it’s one that you’ll definitely enjoy.

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