The Capone

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A sophisticated and smooth blend of vanilla custard, mixed with the perfect complement of Amaretto

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is a smooth and sophisticated flavor that many say remind them of the famous Al Capone.  It’s got a nice blend and smoothed texture to it, and with the primary taste of vanilla custard, it creates a rich and creamy flavor that many enjoy.

But that’s not all. Combined with it is amaretto, which is a sweet Italian liquor flavor. While this doesn’t contain the alcohol itself, it’s got a taste that tastes just like the same thing, which is an amazing and quite stimulating flavor. It’s got that Italian little touch to it, giving it a unique, and very bold taste.

If you like Italian drinks, and you’re a huge fan of vanilla, then look no further, for this Italian vape flavor is one that will engage your senses and stimulate them, giving you that extra little bold taste that you enjoy, and with the perfect amaretto complement.