The Duke

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Vanilla Earl-Grey Glazed Donuts rolled in Sweet Cinnamon Sugar

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

For those who like to have a regal sort of flavor at their disposal, this is another quite stimulating one. It might seem weird that it’s got an earl grey taste to it, combined with a vanilla glaze and a donut texture, but it’s actually quite a stimulating and fun flavor.

The glaze itself gives it both a vanilla taste, and also a bolder one due to the earl gray. It’s regal and elegant, and with the addition of sweet cinnamon sugar to this, you’ll be given a premium and fun flavor that is both elegant, and quite stimulating.

For those looking to feel like a duke in their life, and for those looking for a fun, premium flavor, this is for you. You can feel like a duke every time you use it, and take this sweet vanilla earl glazed donut taste with you wherever you go, and indulge in the taste.