The Luciano

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Caramelized pears, exquisitely infused with brandy

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is another interesting and fun flavor, but the main flavor this time is caramelized pears. This is a sweet, almost sticky taste to it, but when you get a small taste of it, you’ll mainly get to enjoy the sweet caramel taste infused in these pears, giving it a very stimulating and sweet flavor. If you like pears, you’ll definitely want to have more of this, since it’s quite an interesting taste.

But that’s not all. This flavor is also infused with a rich brandy taste, and while it doesn’t directly contain the alcohol itself, it’s quite mesmerizing, and that, combined with the pear texture and taste of it gives you a fun and succulent flavor that you’ll be able to enjoy. It’s quite nice, and this infusion is something that you’ll want more of, and a bold flavor that will stimulate you in different ways and in many different textures.