The Real Mccoy

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Blend of smooth vanilla and banana, mixed with chunky peanut butter and drizzled all over with rum

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This flavor is the real Mccoy, since it gives you an amazing and fun flavor.  It’s got a blend of vanilla and banana together, and both of these flavors are premium flavors, meaning that they taste like the real thing. It’s also mixed with a chunky peanut butter taste that practically melts in your mouth, so it’s like a vanilla banana treat with some peanut butter added to it.

But that’s not all. Since this is a cocktail flavor, you’re getting all of this topped with rum, which means that you’re getting the true, bold flavor of all of this put together, and it’s something that you will definitely enjoy, and a dessert cocktail treat that you will like. It’s quite stimulating and definitely mesmerizing, and it’s a bold, premium flavor that will stimulate your senses and give you that rush of taste that you definitely want from your vape juice.