The Remes

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A smooth cocktail of mango and cream, with a splash of tangerine and a dash of Absinthe to turn up the flavor

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

For those that want to have a flavorful cocktail flavor, this is the perfect one for you. it’s a very smooth cocktail, and one that’s quite stimulating and a fun fruity flavor for those that like something a bit more tropical.

It’s got a very smooth blend of both mangos and cream together, giving it a sweet and creamy fruit flavor that works.  It also involves a splash of tangerine as well, giving it a succulent and tropical fruit flavor to it.  But that’s not all, it actually gets the flavor fully turned up as well by the dash of absinthe, and it definitely is quite fun and nice. It’s definitely an interesting and fun flavor that does work for many, and if you’re ready to really experience a premium cocktail flavor that will definitely be both enjoyable and stimulating, this is for you, and it definitely is worth it.