The Rocco

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Refreshing summer cocktail of freshly picked blueberries and prosecco for the perfect Blueberry Bellini

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is a refreshing summer cocktail flavor that’s perfect for the changing of seasons.  It’s quite nice, and it definitely is a fun addition to your vape flavors.

The best way to describe this flavor is well, refreshing. That’s essentially what it is, and it’s got the summer cocktail taste that you’ve been looking for. It comes with the main flavor of freshly picked blueberries, which makes it tastes like you’re actually having blueberries. It’s quite a dominant flavor, but it also comes with prosecco flavor, giving it a flavor that’s actually quite similar to a Blue Bellini. It’s quite a mesmerizing flavor, and for those who want to have a fun summer flavor right at your disposal, and something that you will be able to enjoy right away and without too many issues, this is the perfect flavor for you, especially if you want to embrace the taste of summer in a premium liquid.