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Explore the luxurious twists and turns of our golden Honey nut Cruller flavour

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is another luxurious twisty flavor that is quite nice.  It has a honey cruller taste. A cruller is a pastry that’s got dough and is cut in the middle and is then twisted on each side.  It’s got a braided torpedo look, and the flavor of this is captured in the vape liquid.  It’s a staple for New England people, and you can take this interesting, bold flavor that contains also honey and nuts in it with you in this liquid.

It does taste like you’re biting into one of these, giving you an interesting and fun little taste. It’s quite nice, and you’ll be amazed at the texture and filling of this. If you’re ready to get the taste of a honey cruller with you wherever you go, you can now do it with this vape flavor, and you’ll see that it definitely does taste like the real thing.