Tucan Loops

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A mouth full of your favourite cereal drenched in sweet creamy milk

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


Are you a fan of fruit loops? Did you know that you can get it in a cereal flavor that’s perfect for your vape during breakfast time?  This premium vape flavor is quite nice, and it’s definitely something that you will definitely want to enjoy.

You’ll be able to take in a taste of your favorite cereal, especially if you like fruit loops, and with this drenched in milk, you’ll definitely get to have the perfect cereal taste that will stimulate the senses and engage you. With this flavor, it also contains the creamy taste of milk, so in essence, you’re taking cereal with milk with you, and it’s a fun flavor that you’ll get to enjoy.

If you like fruit loops, and want to have them along for the ride in your vape, or want a fun breakfast flavor for you to enjoy, then you’ll definitely want this, for tucan loops will give you the flavor you want. 

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