V.C. Tobacco - (previously called Vanilla Caramel Tobacco)

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A soothing tobacco flavor with undertones of vanilla and caramel for a sweet and subtle flavor

This product has a 50% VG and 50% PG ratio.

Do you want to flavorful taste of a soothing tobacco, combined with the sweet undertones of both vanilla, and caramel flavors? Well, look no further, for this vape flavor will give you the flavor of tobacco, combined with caramel and vanilla in order to give it an interesting and flavorful combination.

This is perfect for those looking to make the life change to move towards vaping, but also do like to indulge in the taste of tobacco. It’s a premium flavor, so the tobacco does taste like the real thing, and with the vanilla and caramel undertones underneath all of this, it’s giving a flavor that’s both sweet and subtle, allowing you to indulge in this premium and fun flavor. It’s perfect for those that enjoy the taste f tobacco, but also want to have an extra little sweet addition to their arsenal as well, allowing you to truly enjoy the nature of this amazing flavor.