Watermelon Bubba

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The refreshing taste of watermelon in a classic bubblegum flavor

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

For those who love the taste of watermelon bubblegum, this is a fun and refreshing flavor for you. it does taste like you have watermelon bubblegum, but without the chewing of course. This premium flavor does taste just like watermelon, so it does feel like you’re truly getting the fun and immersive flavor of watermelon when you use it.

The watermelon flavor does have a refreshing taste to it, and it’s not too strong either. That way, you’re able to truly reap the benefits of this, and it definitely does combine well with the classic bubblegum flavor as well. This is quite fun, and definitely a great thing to have, and if you like to have gum a lot, but don’t want to chew it at the moment, this is a great alternative, since it does taste like the real thing, and the best part, the flavor isn’t chewed out either.