Watermelon - (previously called Watermelon Candy)

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Mouth watering watermelon, blended into a delicious ADV.

This product has a 60% VG and 40% PG ratio

Are you a fan of watermelon candies, especially those small ones that are refreshing to suck on? You can get the flavor of mouth-watering watermelon candy in your vape, and it’s quite a fun and very refreshing taste.

The flavor tastes like you’re having a watermelon candy flavor, one that definitely immerses you and gives you that refreshing and interesting taste that you like. It’s a premium flavor, and one that definitely will stimulate your senses, and it’s a high-quality flavor that definitely is something to enjoy.

This a flavor that’s perfect as well for ADV, which means that you won’t be overpowered by the taste of it. This is refreshing, and quite fun, and if you want to have the taste of candy with you wherever you go, and the premium texture and taste of watermelon as well, you’ll definitely want this ADV flavor with you and in your vape as well.