Watermelon Sour

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A sour watermelon flavour that will leave your mouth watering

Do you like the flavor of watermelon sour? It’s a fun and bold flavor, and with that little bit of kick to it, it does create a mouth-watering flavor that you’ll definitely enjoy. Well now you can have this on the go with this vape flavor, and if you enjoy the bold taste of a watermelon sour, then you’ll like this.

The flavor is quite sour, so if you’re not a fan of sour things, it may not be up your alley, but for those brave individuals who love sour things, this will definitely give you that kick that you like. The flavor is a premium one, giving you that bold, refreshing taste that you will enjoy, and it does have a premium watermelon flavor to it, tasting just like real watermelons.

It’s a flavor that will have your mouth watering and will stimulate your senses, and with this, you’ll be able to indulge in watermelon sour wherever you go.