5 best Vape Brands

5 best Vape Brands in Pakistan 2022

Find it hard to find the best e-cigarette for a great vaping experience? Or are low-quality brands often able to trick you? We at E-lite have your back, so don't worry. Now is the time to put your time and money into top vaping brands that experts in Pakistan use. The vaping industry keeps growing, and every other second, a new and better vaping device comes out on the market. At the vape mall store you can get all of these devices

E-lite is known for its great services, high-quality devices, and Pakistan's best juice. Follow these top five vape brands in Pakistan to keep up with the latest vaping trends and have the best vaping experience. In this article, you are also able to know these brand device names.


Best Vape Brands


Uwell is a vaping brand that first came out in 2015. They have always focused on making vape products with new technology while following a strict control system and meeting the ever-changing needs of the market.

One of the best MTL starter kits from UWELL is the AK2 Pod System. The device has the latest Pro FOCS technology, which makes high-quality vapour and keeps it from leaking.

Uwell devices in Pakistan

Yearn neat 2, uwell popreel N1, Havok V1, Tripod

Caliburn series of Uwell:

CaliburnG2, Caliburn Ak2, Caliburn A2, Caliburn Koko Prime, Caliburn G, Caliburn Koko, Caliburn Gk2

Valyrian series of Uwell:

Valyrian, Valyrian Pro Tank mod kit

Crown series of Uwell:

Crown, Crown V

Latest Caliburn series pod is Caliburn Gk2

Uwell devices in Pakistan



Smok headquarters is in China. This brand sends its products all around the world, particularly to Pakistan. Smok was once known for their massive mods, which were generally distinguished by a firing button that stretched the length of their devices and were popular among cloud chasers and advanced vapers. However, in recent years, Smok has broadened its focus to include more beginner and intermediate-friendly devices. The Smok Nord, which was simple to use, was maybe their most popular product.


The Smok vape pen V2 60W Starter Kit is their bestselling device. This is one of the most affordable vapes in Pakistan.

Smok devices in Pakistan

vape pen V2, vape pen 22 light edition, Novo x kit, Novo 4 mini, Solus kit, Solus 2, G-PRIV PRO POD kit and G-PRIV POD kit, IPX 80 kit, Thallo, POZZ X kit

Nfix series of Smok:

Nfix-mate, Nfix kit, Nfix pro,

RPM series of Smok:

RPM 25W, RPM 5 and RPM 5 PRO, RPM 4, RPM 2 & RPM 2S KIT, RPM 160, RPM LITE KIT,

Nord series of Smok:

Nord 5, Nord PRO, Nord 4 (80W) kit, Nord X kit, vape pen Nord 19 & 22

Latest Smok series pods are RPM 5Nord PRO




In the vaping business, VAPORESSO is known for having low prices. Vaporesso makes high-end vaping devices that are well made and have a nice finish. They have a lot of power behind them+

since the company is a branch of Smoore, the biggest vape maker in the world. Also, its devices are known for their innovative chipsets and eye-catching OLED panels on the front and back.

The Vaporesso Luxe 2 220w Starter, which has a power range of 5W-220W, is one of their best-selling items. The Vaporesso Luxe 2 is powered by two 18650 batteries and can output 220W.

Vaporesso device in Pakistan

Gtx go 80, Sky Solo plus, SWAG PX80 box mod kit, Swag 2 

Xros series of Vaporesso:

Xros Nano, Xros 2, Xros Mini, Xros 

Zero series of Vaporesso:

Zero 2, Zero

Gen series of Vaporesso:

GEN PT60 80s box mod, GEN AIR 40 box mod, Gen X, Gen S, Gen Nano, GTX one 

Target series of Vaporesso:

Target PM 80 mod kit, Target 200, Target 100 80

Luxe series of Vaporesso:

LUXE 80 box mod, Luxe Q, Luxe 2

Latest Vaporesso series pod is Xros Nano

 Xros series of Vaporesso



On the international vape market, VOOPOO is a well-known brand. The business has introduced various vape series over the globe.

Along with Geekvape, Voopoo has advanced significantly in recent years, starting from scratch to catch up with the more established brands.

Voopoo's Drag series, which is currently the most popular pod mod series in the UK, is possibly its most well-known creation. The devices have a beautiful leather and metal appearance and combine power and functionality. However, they have also begun to gain traction in the pod industry. The Voopoo Vinci and Vinci X2 pod systems, which combine ease of use with precise airflow control and excellent flavour, are the most well-liked gadgets in this category.

Additionally, they maintain the substantial clouds of conventional MODs; the VINCI vapes are inventive, portable, and feature programmable power. One of Pakistan's top-selling pod mods, notably at E-lite, is the VOOPOO VINCI 2 POD KIT.

VOOPOO devices in Pakistan

Argus series Voopoo in Pakistan:

Argus zArgus P1, Argus GT ad Argus Air

Drag series of Voopoo in Pakistan:

Drag Nano 2, Drag 3, Drag 3 TPP X, Drag X PRO, Drag S PRO, Drag X PRO Edition, Drag X PLUS, Drag S Mod Pod and Drag X Mod Pod, Drag Mini-DRAG refreshed edition, Drag 2 Refresh Edition, Drag 2 Platinum, Drag Mini Platinum, Drag Nano Pod, Drag 2, Drag mini, 

Vinci series of Voopoo in Pakistan:

Vinci pod Royal Edition, Vinci Q Pod, Vinci X 2, VINCI 2, Vinci Pod, Vinci Air Pod, Vinci X Mod Pod, Vinci Mod Pod


Latest Voopoo series pods are Voopoo V thru pro Drag Nano 2Drag 3 TPP X

VooPoo Drag Nano 2 Pod System



GEEKVAPE started its vaping discoveries in China in 2015. One of the most recognizable vaping brands in the world, they. They are renowned for making vapes, tanks, and coils of the highest calibre.

Each iteration of the brand's products, many of which are made with military-grade materials and toughness, proves to be stronger. The company invented the first devices that are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Although several of their unique inventions have been imitated by others, I would turn to Geekvape first if I needed a device for outdoor use.

Don't, however, assume that Geekvape is all about toughness. Their products are dependable, well manufactured, and provide excellent usefulness and style.

One of their most sensitive products is the Aegis Pod System, which features an 800mAh rechargeable battery, a 3.5mL refilled pod and IP67 protective certification. The Aegis Pod Kit's chassis is composed of durable zinc alloy and has stitched leather on it for an opulent appearance.

Geekvape devices in Pakistan

Geekvape Max100 Kit, Geekvape AP2, Geek Vape Aegis One, Geekvape Nano, Geekvape Z, Geekvape Nano 2 Tank, Geekvape Z MTL Tank, Geekvape Z RDA, and Geekvape ZX RTA

Aegis series of Geek vape:

Geekvape L200, Aegis Hero, Aegis Boost Pro, Aegis Boost Plus, Aegis Max, Aegis Pod, Aegis Solo Kit, Aegis X Geekvape Z Sub-Ohm Kit,  

Wenax series Geek vape: 

Wenax H1, Wenax K1 SE, Wenax M1, Wenax K1


Latest Geekvape series pods are AP2 Aegis Pod 2Geekvape Nano




 Geekvape Nano

Final words

So, here are all the devices of the best vape brands in Pakistan. The good news is that all of the brands and devices listed above are available on a single platform called vape mall. You can either come to our store or place your order online. We have many different devices and E-juices, including all of Pakistan's best freebase and fruit salts.



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