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RELX Pro Pods Best Price Online Pakistan

RELX Pro Pods Best Price Online Pakistan

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The All New RELX PRO Pods Are Here.

The RELX Pods Pro

RELX Pod Pro offer enhanced protection against leakage in both your mouth and pockets. 

Each pod has 11 structural layers to prevent leaks, which provides you with a more secure vaping experience. Plus, the innovative maze-like structure traps condensation. 

When you purchase the RELX Essential or RELX Infinity, you won't be stuck with the same old flavor. The compatible pods come in a variety of flavors, including:

Relx Watermelon Ice

A refreshing blend of juicy watermelon with a hint of icy coolness.

Relx Orange Sparkle

A zesty burst of fresh oranges with a sparkling, citrusy finish.

Relx Menthol Plus 

An invigorating menthol flavor that delivers an extra cool and refreshing experience.

Relx Ludou Ice

A unique mung bean flavor combined with a cooling ice effect, offering a smooth and creamy taste.

Relx Dark Sparkle

A rich and bold flavor with deep, dark undertones that offer a sparkling finish.

Relx Strawberry Burst

A sweet and fruity explosion of ripe strawberries.

Relx Mango

A tropical delight with the sweet and juicy taste of fresh mangoes.

Relx Tangy Grape

A delightful mix of tangy and sweet grapes that tantalize the taste buds.

Relx Classic Tobacco

A smooth and traditional tobacco flavor, perfect for those who appreciate the classics.

Relx Passion Fruit

A vibrant and exotic flavor that brings the tropical taste of passion fruit to life.

Relx Hawaiian Sunshine

A tropical blend that captures the essence of a sunny Hawaiian day.

Relx Menthol Extra

An intensified menthol experience that offers maximum refreshment.

Relx Honey Dew Melon

A sweet and succulent melon flavor with a honey-like finish.

Relx Fresh Peach

A juicy and fresh peach flavor that is both sweet and fragrant.

Relx Pink Guava

A tropical and sweet guava flavor with a pink twist.

Relx Zesty Sparkle

A vibrant and sparkling citrus flavor with a zesty kick.

Relx Banana Freeze

A creamy banana flavor with a refreshing icy coolness.

Relx Crisp Apple

A crisp and juicy apple flavor that is both refreshing and sweet.

Relx Grape Apple

A unique blend of sweet grapes and tart apples.

Relx Blueberry Splash

A burst of sweet and tangy blueberries.

Relx Lemon Zest

A zesty and tangy lemon flavor that is refreshing and invigorating.

Relx Iced Latte

A creamy and cool coffee flavor that resembles a chilled latte.

Relx Forest Berries

A medley of berries that brings the taste of the forest to life.

Relx Lime Sparkle

A tangy and sparkling lime flavor that is both refreshing and zesty.

Relx Kiwi Blast

A bold and vibrant kiwi flavor that delivers a tropical punch.

Relx Ruby Raspberry

A sweet and tangy raspberry flavor with a ruby-red twist.

Relx Juicy Apple

A sweet and juicy apple flavor that is crisp and refreshing.

Relx Hazelnut Latte

A rich and creamy coffee flavor with a hint of nutty hazelnut.

Relx Pink Lemonade

A sweet and tangy lemonade flavor with a pink twist.

Relx Rich Tobacco

A deep and robust tobacco flavor with a rich and satisfying finish.


You can have fun experimenting and find the ones that you love! 

The RELX Pods Pro are available separately, so you'll need to keep this in mind as you plan for future use with the Essential. 

 Menthol Plus PRO Pod Flavour Profile

relx menthol plus pro pods

 RELX Ludou Ice PRO Pods Flavour Profile

relx ludou ice pro pods

 RELX Fresh Red PRO Pods Flavour Profile

relx fresh red pro pods

 RELX Tangy Purple PRO Pods Flavour Profile

relx tangy purple pro pods

 RELX Dark Sparkle PRO Pods Flavour Profile

relx dark sparkle pro pods

 RELX Garden's Heart PRO Pods Flavour Profile

relx gardens heart pro pods flavour

 RELX Golden Slice PRO Pods Flavour Profile

relx golden slice pro pods

 RELX Sunny Sparkle PRO Pods Flavour Profile

relx sunny sparkle pro pods

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