Collection: NIC SALTS Nicotine E-Liquids and Ejuice

Salt NIC eliquids and ejuice operate much differently than free base nicotine. These salts form naturally in leaf tobacco and are considered to be a more stable form of nicotine than free base. 

Saltnic liquid is mostly used in Pod devices but not limited to pods, can also be used with mods with coils that are meant to be vaped using salt nic flavour ejuice and a very good alternative for people using regular tobacco cigarettes.

All About Nic Salts

One of the newest and hottest trends for nicotine consumption and vaping is nic salt.  Nic salts or nic salt juice is a replacement for those who will experience long periods of time between vaping. They are an alternative, and there is even nic salt juice that you can get too, and we’ll go over what it is, and some great alternatives,

What is Nic Salt and Nic Salt Mods

In essence, these are different from the typical liquid because nic salts contain nicotine in it that’s blended directly with the vape juice. So salt nic vape juice is a more concentrated form of vape juice. Nic salts are essentially natural nicotine that’s put together with the liquid, making an e-liquid that you can vape. A slat nic vape uses these juice, and while these do have a more potent power to it, it’s actually more suitable with your body, in order to create a better absorption. These of course don’t contain as many toxins as cigarettes.

You use these when you want to do the following:

  • Quit smoking
  • Have tried vaping but you didn’t like it
  • You want to vape, but the devices are too complex
  • You want better levels of nicotine without the experience of a throat hit that feels like a cigarette

Some of the benefits of nic salts include:

  • The devices are way simpler and more convenient
  • The nicotine levels are much higher and are better at fighting cravings
  • The taste is better and less bite
  • Uses less juice
  • They last much longer.

If you really want to quit cigarettes because of the bad additives that they have, but have tried many times, nic salts may be better. Nic salts do require nic salt mods and devices to help with this, but they’re small, comfortable, and nowhere near as complicated as the bigger mods you see from others.

So now that you know what is salt nic, let’s go over salt nic devices and slat nic mods.

What you need to know about nic salt Vape mods

You may think that you can use the same devices for nic salt, but that isn’t the case. Nic salt mods are a little bit different. They aren’t meant to be used with high-powered devices that have a high sub-ohm. Instead, you want to choose something that is lower wattage to work with your nic salt vape juice, since you don’t need to use as much.  The pod-based devices are usually the best nic salt vape options, since these nic salt devices aren’t as strong.

What is the Best Nic Salt? 

Dinner lady salt nic is probably one of the best nic salt options on the market.  The Lemon Tart nic salts that are 50:50 10 mL liquid is strong, and it contains more concentrated nic salt.

Probably the best salt nic Vape juice is NKD 100 Salt, and it’s basically classic creations of popular flavors that are mixed with nic salt e-juices.

Watermelon slices nic salt is another popular one. This is a blend of watermelon and some amazing fruits, and since this nic salt e-juices is subtle, it’s like a tobacco product but without the toxins.

Dinner Lady is probably one of the best salet nic brands because this is salt nice juice cheap and easy to vape. It’s hard to find chip nic salt juice that’s high-quality and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, but this cheap salt nic juice gives you the vaping experience, with a great taste.

In terms of flavor, mint salt nic juice is probably the best nic salt e-liquid if you’re looking for a natural flavor that is similar to menthol cigarettes since it has the taste to it.  These work in a lot of devices, and

it’s pretty easy for you to use, and you can find  a lot of these juices work in popular mods too.

Nic Salt Vs. Freebase

You may wonder what the difference is between nic salt vs. freebase.  Well, in essence, freebase nicotine is pure nicotine, and it will be very quickly absorbed in the lungs as well. It gives a much higher and more potent taste, making them much more addictive. Marlboro discovered this competitive edge that they had, using that in cigarettes.

Nicotine salt is essentially more natural nicotine, which is how it’s in the leaves of tobacco. It’s much more stable and not in any way as volatile as the freebase kind is. It takes a much higher temperature to vaporize, and this doesn’t travel as quickly to your receptors.

In essence, nicotine salt is how you get nicotine to the body, and it’s available in vape devices. Nic salt e-juices brands try to ensure that you can emulate smoking a cigarette, while weaning yourself off of these.

In essence, the ultimate goal of nic salts is to vaporize at a lower temperature to give you a smoother throat hit, and from there, reduce the appearance of cravings too.

Freebase is more direct, more potent, and much more addictive.

In terms of vaping, you will notice that freebase can taste much harsher as you increase the nicotine levels. Nic salts, however, have lower levels of alkalinity within this because of the benzoic acid in this, making the throat hit smoother, and the nicotine much better.

It also is not as effective as freebase nicotine, but it also helps you satisfy the cravings, so you can slowly move off them.

What are the best nic salt Mods to Use?

Probably the best salt nic mods to use are obviously pods, but which ones.

Well, one of the best nic salt mods for nic salt e-liquid is the SMOK Nord Vape pod system. This is one of the top options, especially if you’re using salt nic juice in this.  This is known for both performance and style, and with the stylish design and fun colors, it’s one of the top nic salt modes, and one of the best salt nic devices that you can have. It works with most salt nice juice, and even the best salt nic brands enjoy the taste of this. It has a variety of colors, and they are simple and discreet, perfect for hiding, and it even comes with a coated overlay.

Another really popular salt nic mods for you to try is the Sourin Drop Ultra Portable AIO vape devices. These futuristic devices are both stylish and attractive. They’re nic salt devices that work with a variety of different nic salt e-juices varieties. 

Some of the best vape juice salt nic brands work with this, and you can vape it pretty easily. It’s super easy, and offers a very simplistic way for you to vape your nic salts. You can use these vibrant colors, and while the battery is only 310 mAh, which is tiny compared to others, it’s an AI0 pod vape, and if you want more of a mouth-to-lung vape, it offers a very silky smooth option, and is one of the best vape mods for you to enjoy.

Is nic Salts right for Me?

That’s a good question. While they may be good if you’re looking to cut cravings, obviously, they’re not for everyone. The best way to look at this is to look at the devices, look at what you enjoy from your e-juices, and of course from here, figure out as well what is the best option. You can try nic salts, and from there, see whether or not they’re perfect for you, or if you want to go with an alternative.

If you are trying and failing to quit smoking cigarettes, it is encouraged since they’re smoother and easier to work with in the long run as well.