how to improve the Vape battery life

5 recommendations to improve the Vape battery life

It is possible that if you have been using the same device for some time, you have noticed that the battery does not last as long as it did at the beginning or that it lasts less than you would expect it to last. If you are looking for ways to improve the life of your battery, this article is for you. Next we will show you some tips so that the life of your Vape battery increases as much as possible.

Recommendations to improve Vape battery

  1. Turn off your device when you're not using it

One of the simplest and most obvious tips when it comes to ways to conserve battery life is to turn off your e-cigarette when you're not using it. Normally, with some exceptions in some models of Pods, all devices, whether pen, mod, or pod vapes, allow you the option to turn it on and off, something very practical if you are going to spend a long period of time without using it. You may think that if you are not vaping you are not sending power to the atomizer and therefore you are not spending money, but that is not true. E-cigarettes slowly drain battery power from just being turned on. The only thing to remember is to get in the habit of turning it off when you're not using it and you'll significantly save your battery life.

  1. Use your batteries regularly

Although it may seem like a contradiction, letting your device's battery not be used for a long time is a reason that can shorten its useful life. It is the same as it happens with the batteries of the phones, the battery of your device will have a better performance when you use it daily, even for a short period of time. When your battery rests for a long time it can lose some of its power. Using it a little each day will help you maximize its useful life and keep your device working properly.

  1. Avoid overcharging batteries

We are often used to leaving devices charging all night and thus forget about having to charge them throughout the day. However, it is very convenient to leave it charging while you sleep, this can also reduce battery life. If the battery receives a full charge and is allowed to continue charging for hours, the batteries can become damaged. Therefore, it is best to charge the batteries to 100% of their charge and then remove them from the charger.

  1. Store charged batteries

If you know you won't be using the batteries for a while, make sure they are fully charged before storing them somewhere they can be stored properly. If you don't do this and store them with only part of their charge, they will slowly discharge while you're not using them and when you use them again, they'll need more effort to reach a full charge. This process can shorten the life of your batteries, which will make you have to replace them sooner.

  1. Keep your batteries clean

It is relatively easy for your batteries to get dirty, especially if they are external batteries and you always carry them with you, you use and charge them practically daily and sometimes they can even be splashed by an accidental liquid leak or by some carelessness when recharging our tank of liquid. That is why it is very important that you clean them correctly on a regular basis. A dirty battery connection means a weaker connection to the device, forcing the battery to work harder to produce enough power. As we have already mentioned, forcing the battery to take extra effort to function takes away the life of the batteries. That's why keep your batteries clean and you will enjoy a noticeable improvement in both the performance and the useful life of your batteries over time.

These are five simple and practical recommendations so that you can enjoy your batteries for longer and so that, in addition, the performance of your Vape device is not affected by the inconveniences of power loss that these can experience when they are running out of their useful life.

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