6 Ways To Reduce or Increase Throat Hit While Vaping

6 Ways To Reduce or Increase Throat Hit While Vaping

How to Get the Best Throat Hit Experience

When you begin vaping, usually with a vape mod that has a lot of nicotine, you’ll feel the punch near the back of the throat. It’s a feeling that fulfills the role of smoking for many.

Throat Hit

Lots enjoy vapor with the nicotine, but it can create a bite feeling near the back of the throat when a person inhales, and often, it might leave someone wondering if there is a way to combat this.

However, some like the harshness of the inhale, and it is something that they like, since it does feel like smoking in a sense, and keeps one at it.

But, as you go on, you might need something different.

Usually, when you’re on a high VG, and a low-nicotine juice, you are away from smoking, it feels mellow and smooth rather than a brutal and harsh throat it, and it’s a positive for some, not a negative.

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Is Throat Hit Important

For many who begin, this can be an important experience. In more than 1100 vapors, it was found that around 75 percent of them consider this feeling very important when they begin, but as you go on, that number drops to about half. As those who vaped continued, many said that the cloud, along with the flavour were priority, with throat hit going to the back seat. However, it’s important to some degree.

The Balance Between the Throat Hit, the cloud you make, and Your Flavours

However, you can have both of these. You don’t need to sacrifice the flavour to get a kick when you vape, and you don’t have to trade in the clouds you create for mists either. In a similar way, you don’t have to get a high-VG cloud chaser on a very small dosage of nicotine to get a small hit. You can still achieve all of this.

The best way to do it is to tailor the throat hit to preferences. Whether you want it to be smooth, or harsh, you need to understand what it is, how you create it, and the best way to adjust gear to get the best performance.

The anatomy of a throat Hit

Before we go into how to tweak this, you should know what it is.

In essence, this is the feeling that you get at the back of the throat whenever you inhale. If it’s strong, it feels kind of like a cigarette when going down, and can be irritating to the throat near the back, and make you cough. Usually, gentle or weak hits is when the vapor is smooth, not causing sensations when you inhale. It’s less harsh to vape from setups that give a weak hit, and in a sense, it’s not really comparable to the throat feeling from smoking unless you’ve smoked Silk Cuts.

Now that you know what it is., we will go over all the different ways to change the throat hit so that it works better.

Increase Reduce Throat Hit

Nicotine Levels

The nicotine is really the key player here for a throat hit. Usually, it’s got a punchy feeling when it hits your throat, and more nicotine, the stronger the hit. If you’ve vaped with a high nicotine juice, you feel it. It can be both powerful, but also uncomfortable, and if you go from smoking to vaping, it can replicate the sensation of when you smoke.

If you want a bigger throat hit, you want an e-liquid with nicotine in it. If you want less, you get one with less nicotine. You should look for a 16 mg/ml strength if you want a strong hit, and 10 mg/ml if you want a weak one. Usually, the latter is two-thirds juice.

However, there is an issue, especially when you start to sub ohm the tanks and mods, sometimes the equipment gets more efficient when giving you nicotine, and higher ones can become too much to handle. So, experiment.

Usually, in that’s the case, you may go even lower, but it does reduce the throat hit.

If you want a good throat hit with lower levels of nicotine, you’ll have to look at the other tips to compensate for this.

Some people need the higher nicotine strengths to get satisfaction, but can’t deal with the throat hits. This isn’t an easy one to solve, since the nicotine causes the throat hit, but again, continue to read on to figure out how to adjust.

One helpful tidbit however, is that if you get your e-juice from companies that have pharmaceutical grade nicotine, it’ll feel better. If the nicotine is cheap, it’ll feel peppery, and the throat hit is much harsher than that stuff that’s higher in quality.

The Ratio of PG to VG

This is another source to look into, since it can make a difference.

PG does create more of a throat hit than VG, and the high-VG liquids are ideal for those who want a smoother vape.

A throat hit that comes from PG isn’t as strong as nicotine, but PG offers a much more sharp and biting feeling when it hits the back of the throat, and it can get scratchy and tickly from time to time. Nicotine however, gives you a baseline throat hit that’s thick and strong, and PG gives it more of a punch.

Typically, this is where much of the support for the throat hit is.

If you want a strong throat hit, you want to give it a 40/60 ratio or a 60/40 ratio, usually something balance. If you want a weak throat hit, you want to go over 60 percent in VG, keeping the PG at lower levels

If you want to increase the feeling, you should go higher on the PG. However, too much can be irritating to the throat and unpleasant to vape. It can be really scratchy and tingly at higher power levels. You should ideally start with the mid-range stuff, so that you can get a decent throat hit.

If you suffer from PG sensitivity, you may want to lower the PG levels, and while this isn’t too common, it can still be annoying.

In a survey, vapors actually changed their opinion on the throat hit, and what led to the change. Out of the 385 different responses, about 17 of them said that PG was too irritating, and it made them cough constantly.

The other downside with higher-PG levels is that the VG carries the vapor, and if you boost the throat hit, it actually detracts from the clouds, and it’s why you try to have a balance between both of these things.

If you have a sensitivity though, a higher VG does have the best options.

Changing the Setting of Power

The power plays an impact too, and it’s mainly a problem for those that have the variable wattage and the temperature control mods, mostly because the smaller tanks have lower wattage support to them. But, if you have a mod and a sub ohm or atomizer that’s strong, you bring up a new world when you get a throat hit.

Throat hit from power settings come from the temperature of the vapor itself, and often, it’s described as multiplying the effect of the throat hit sources. So, if you’ve got a sharper throat hit from the PG of the juice, turning it up about 50 watts is going to make it shaper. Plus, the robust throat hit gets stronger when you amp the power as well, and it’s a big reason why many lower the nicotine levels when they have an ideal setup, since the throat hit can be overwhelming.

Some might think power isn’t a good thing to adjust the throat hit, since you might wonder why you would want to make this scratchier, or why you wouldn’t want a strong nicotine hit.

Some people like the really strong throat hit, but often most vapors won’t. the benefit of power is that it allows you to get the most that you can out of whatever the juice hits.

For example, let’s take one that’s 30/70 with PG/VG in the mix, and 6 mg/ml of nicotine in there. You actually might not get a throat punch at all, but if you get the wattage up to say about 40 watts, the force of this and the bite will actually carry. Also, if you want the throat hit to be smaller, the wattage and control of the temperature is the best, because it allows you to decrease the power of it in order to get a hit that’s smooth as well.

With temperature control mods, there are some factors to it as well. the coil temperature is the biggest factor when you’re adjusting the wattage, so if you have one that’s temperature controlled, you can lower it to get the throat hit more easily.

There isn’t a clear device choice and throat hit connection, but when asking vapors about the first setup to the current one, it does also showcase that the power does impact the hit.

For those that start, the basic tank is usually what’s used, and at that point, vapors that got a strong hit used those that were higher in terms of PG and even nicotine uses, with 16-20 being the most common levels.

But, when mods were used, it ranged from 1-10 since you can adjust the strength of the hit.

So basically, the higher-powered devices help those move away from the higher nicotine levels and the PG content while getting the throat hit. Those that had a weak throat hit used a low nicotine with a high VG and lower power to create this.

Flavour Fun!

Flavour plays a key point in this as well, even though it’s not as large as other factors.

Usually, each flavor contains a basic ingredient, and this carries a bit of the throat hit, and the amount in your liquid can be small, but the flavor can be important too.

Some produce different levels of throat hit, with menthol being your ideal choice. Some have dashes of this to give it a cooling flavor. Usually, citrus flavors have a similar, but much smaller effect.

If you want something that’s gentle in terms of throat hit, you want to go for the tobacco or the coffee flavors, or the sweeter options like the fruit and bakery ones. Sour fruits are an exception though, because it does add a throat hit feeling when you exhale.

The main downside to this is that people choose their flavours based on tastes than throat hit. So, if you like the heavier dessert ejuice flavours, but want a throat hit that’s solid, there isn’t much that you can really do other than tailoring the throat hit with the other points mentioned

Airflow Adjustment

Another thing to look into is the airflow setting. This is another major one to consider if you’ve got bigger changes that will happen with the levels of nicotine, the PG/Vg ratio, and the power settings, but you’re not satisfied with what you’re obtaining from this.

As a general rule of thumb, the rule for the airflow settings and the throat hit is that if you’ve got more open airflow, you’ll reduce the throat hit, but a tighter will increase it. this is like if you open a vent to bring more air in, and the vapor will be less concentrated, which changes the throat impact. If you tighten it up, it gives you a robust feeling. This is also even truer because the tighter airflow gives you a vaped mouth to lung feeling, which does involve pulling the vapor into the mouth and then inhaling it. It’s similar to smoking a cigarette, and pulling it all to the back of the throat does give you a bigger throat hit.

If you open this up though, you’ll still get a hit, it just won’t be as focused, and it will strike more when you breathe out than breathe in.

Usually, the relationship between your airflow setting and the throat hit isn’t direct, but there is a link between a more open airflow and weaker throat hit.

Out of all the vapors that ranked their throat hit from weak to very weak, half of them vaped with opened airflow, with only 16 percent using a tighter airflow. Of the vapors who said that the throat hit was strong with their setup, the open airflow was the most common choice, but about 30 percent utilized a tighter airflow.

Wicking material

Finally, look at the wicking material you use. The choice can impact the throat hit, but usually cotton over other materials is something that goes unnoticed.

Japanese Vape Cotton has a very clean flavour, but it doesn’t have the throat hit. If you want a gentler hit, you get cotton, but for a harsher one, if you’ve got an atomizer that’s rebuildable, or a tank that can be re-wicked, hemp wicks can help. Many who do this do find it harsh, but it’s another factor to consider if you don’t like the setup and want a stronger hit.

If you use a VG liquid for the clouds with a low level of nicotine, but want a throat hit, going to hemp wick does make a difference. Silica is also good, but it’s sharp and uncomfortable, and the flavor is pretty bad.

So, what’s Best for Me?

There are options for everyone.

For instance, if you don’t adjust the flow settings on your tank and cant’ choose something with PG/VG ratios that are different, you may need a cigalike.

Like other parts of vaping, the options open up when you start to mod and start to change the wattage and the temperature control. Pairing it with a sub ohm tank and other factors will allow you to use more juices, to control the strength of the nicotine, flavor and the ratio of PG/VG in order to help you figure out what you’re looking for. Plus, you can control the airflow too.

If you don’t have the mod option, that’s fine, but you want a tank that you can make adjustments to it in order to get a throat tank. Upgrading a mod is a better idea if you want a throat hit though.

Throat hit Matters!

If you want bigger clouds, along with a throat hit, it could be hard for you. you may put the throat hit on the backseat, but it shouldn’t be like that.

Throat hit is essential to switch from cigarettes to e-cigs, but it also helps with the experience.

You don’t have to get the same punchy hit all the time, but changing your setup with give you another way to adjust the vaping to help suit your tastes in the best way possible.
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