Caring of vape coils and tanks

Beginners Guide to Cleaning & Caring of vape coils and tanks

Vapes aren't permanent. You may need to replace damaged parts or update your setup. Quality parts last long, but coils need to be replaced most often. Depending on type, use, and care, they may last weeks to months.
You can store and heat e-liquids, so keep them clean. It's not rough and will improve the flavour of each coil. Dirty coils contribute to poor performance and taste. Residue on the coil will reduce the vapour output of your new e-liquid. Let's see how to clean your vape to maintain its performance.

Cleaning & Caring for tanks

Step1: Disassemble your vape tank or atomiser

While you may know how to detach the tank's glass and top from its base to change coils, you may need help breaking it down to clean it component by component. Sub-ohm tanks are designed for easy disassembly and reassembly, as long as you don't lose any parts.
Once broken down, you should have (may vary by tank):

  • Base (including the airflow ring, if your tank has an adjustable bottom airflow)
  • Helix
  • Pyrex or glass bulb
  • Top cap with a hinged or sliding fill mechanism or that separates into tank and cap components)
  • Drip tip/mouthpiece

Your tank's glass tube is held in place by rubber or silicon o-shaped seals that generate a vacuum. When disassembling your tank, please don't lose the seals; they're vital for a leak-free vape tank.

  • Grip the tank base and pyrex with one hand.
  • Twist the pyrex and base apart.
  • You will have either a base with the coil head screwed into it or a coil head screwed into the top cap.
  • Hold the pyrex and the top cap.
  • Twist the pyrex and cap down
  • Unscrew the coil head if it's screwed into the top cap.
  • Separate your top cap if it's not hinged or sliding.
  • Remove your drip tip by twisting it; take care of any o-rings.

Cleaning Agents for Vape Tanks

Step 2: Warm-water cleaning of your vape tank

Warm water is effective in moderately clean tanks. Disassemble the tank by detaching the components. Dry each component with a paper towel after placing them under running water. After that, let them air dry until no more condensation or water is apparent. You might need to add an extra step if you haven't cleaned your tank yet.
Fill your cup or dish with water before putting it down. Please put it in the microwave for two minutes approximately. To start the process, rinse your tank's components under the sink. Put your disassembled tank inside the cup or bowl you just removed from the microwave.

Give your tank one final rinse under the sink after letting it sit until the water has cooled. Dry your tank meticulously and gently using a paper towel. Set it aside until it is entirely dry. A blow dryer can also hasten the process, but too much heat may harm your O-rings.

Step 3: Secondary Cleaning Agents for Vape Tanks

You may now notice some discoloration or a residual odor from the juice you have been using, in which case you will need to use a second cleaning solution.
You can deep clean your tank with a few common household items if you want even greater results. After application, give them a thorough rinse, then leave them to air dry.

Baking soda works well as a cleaning agent and can be used to restore the luster to tanks.
Grain alcohol, often known as ethanol, is another material that is quite excellent for cleaning. Keep in mind that this is not the same as isopropyl alcohol, which you shouldn't use on the interior of your tank.

Cheap vodka is not a common home staple; you may probably buy it at the grocery store. It will work and won't set you back much money.
Vinegar is a powerful acidic cleaning solution that needs to be completely washed to avoid leaving a residual odour.

Step 4: Drying Your Vape Tank

  • To avoid damaging any remaining O-rings, carefully dry the components with a hairdryer on a cool setting after patting them dry with a paper towel.
  • To clean your coils according to the instructions in the section below.
  • Reassemble your tank, ensuring that all the seals and O-rings are precisely replaced.

Cleaning & caring for vape coils

The coil must be taken out of the tank as the first step in cleaning a vape coil. You can also disassemble the tank's remaining components one at a time, but be sure to write down where each component goes and how it fits together. The method is far more effective if you put all the parts into a bowl to ensure that they stay together and don't get misplaced. There are two varieties of replaceable coils: replaceable and rebuildable. Cleaning procedures can vary substantially depending on the type of coil you have.

Replaceable Coil Heads for Tank

The coil heads with sub-ohm tanks can technically be cleaned, but the results will probably only extend their useful lives by a few days at most. Additionally, not all residues can be eliminated, and the coil must completely dry before being used. However, here are some steps to prolong the life of your device:

  • Put your coil in water for a few hours (using vinegar, ethanol, or cheap vodka).
  • Rinse it in the sink.
  • Use distilled water to rinse.

By blowing on the coil's open side, you can force water out of the wicking holes and out the coil. Set aside and don't use it again until all the water has completely evaporated. You ought to be able to extend the usefulness of your coil with this.

Rebuildable Coils

If your coil is rebuildable, cleaning should be done as part of routine maintenance. This is crucial if you want your gadget to last longer and produce more flavour and vapour. Follow the instructions listed below to thoroughly clean, revitalise, and maintain your rebuildable coil operating at its best. Eliminate the wick from the coil. To make the remaining e-liquid on your coils flake, dry burn them.
To achieve this, increase your wattage by 10 to 15 watts while pulsating your fire button by depressing it for brief intervals. The residual e-juice and muck are made more pliable by this process. You can either blow the flakes away, submerge the coil in water, or run the coil under a running faucet to remove them. Use a toothbrush or a coil cleaning tool to brush away any remaining muck gently. You can use cotton or a microfiber cloth to remove the water from the head.

Drying Your Vape Tank
Dry burn the coil and allow the water to escape. While routine cleaning will significantly increase the lifespan of your vape device, you might need to spend money on a new coil if, after a while, cleaning no longer seems to enhance flavour and vapour output.


Now that you understand how to clean a vape device, clean a vape tank, change a vape coil, and maintain your vape box, you can use it for many years. If you follow this advice, you'll be certain to get the most out of every puff and produce the most flavour each time you switch vape juices.

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