Best vape shop in Pakistan

Best vape shop in Pakistan 2023

Vape mall is Pakistan's top vape superstore. It has the largest selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, Vape accessories, vape deals, and vapes. Vape mall is offering the best vape price in Pakistan, offline and online, offering the best vapes.

Here we discuss some brands and their devices Available at the vapemall stores.


E-cigarettes, also called vapes, are powered by a battery. They have a cartridge filled with e-liquid also called vape flavour with nicotine. The vapour is made by heating the e-juice in the cartridge in vapes. People breathe in this vapour.

Here are some vape types that vape mall provide to their customer. 

Pod Vape

Pod Vapes is one of the best products for vaping, and they stand out from the rest because they are easy to use and take care of. They are much stronger than regular e-cigarettes or vape pens but not quite as strong as mods.

With clearomizers, you only need to change the resistance coil or with some devices it’s with the replacement pods when worn out. The coil is built into the tank with pod vape, so when you change the tank, you also change the coils. Every pod has a battery and a tank that fits inside it.

Pods have nicotine-laced or nicotine-free e-juice in them, and they are attached to the vapes that they go with to make vapour for inhaling. So, they are an excellent idea for both new to vaping and experienced vapers who want e-juices with a lot of nicotine in them.

Pod Vape

Some brands at vape mall store provides vape pods of Voopoo, Vaporesso, Geekvape, SMOK, Aspire, Uwell, and Ursa brands and their all series.

Some pod vapes device name

  • Uwell Caliburn X 20W Pod System
  • Smok Rpm 5 80W
  • Voopoo Argus Pod 20W
  • Voopoo VMate E
  • Voopoo VMate Infinity
  • Geek Vape AP2 Aegis Pod 2
  • Uwell Sculptor 11W
  • Uwell Caliburn GK2
  • Uwell Popreel P1 13W
  • Geek vape AU 20W

Disposable vapes

Vapes that can only be used once are called "Disposable vapes" They can't be charged or refilled; after their one-time use, they're meant to be thrown away. They come in almost every flavour, and some may even have a way to control the airflow.

They have built-in batteries between 400 and 700 mAh, and almost all use nicotine salts (more on later). The amount of liquid they can hold can range from 3ml to 7ml, depending on who made them. They are also small and easy to carry, which makes them great for trips and going out.

All disposable vapes already have vape juice in them and batteries that are fully charged. When either of these things runs out, the vape won't work anymore and should be thrown away safely, either in a recycling bin or a bin for dangerous materials. Remember that these things have batteries, so they must be handled and thrown away carefully.

Disposable vapes

Some devices of disposable vapes available in vape mall

ILO Qweet 2500 Puffs in a Disposable Pod 20 ml
Juice Head Bars Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs
Ivg Max Bar Disposable
Disposable Naked Max Ice 5%

Mod Kits

Mod kits are a type of vape kit that is both simple and useful. They have a battery and a pod as their main parts. With first-time vapers in mind, Pod Vape Kits are made to be easy to use. Because it's bigger, a pod mod can have a longer battery life, more room for e-liquid, and a bigger atomizer coil that can make bigger clouds of vapour and stronger flavours.

Mod Kits

Some mod device name

Voopoo Drag 3 TPP-X 177W

Vaporesso GEN 200 220w 

Vaporesso Target 200 

Geek Vape Max 100 (Aegis Max 2)

Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Pod Mod Kit

Vape flavours

Vape has many things, and the Vape flavours are just one of them. Most vape juices have nicotine and many other chemicals and additives. Vaping liquids mix propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) with flavorings and nicotine, if they have any. There are more than 7000 different vape flavours on the market.

Flavored vaping liquids come in many different flavours, such as candy, desserts, fruits, foods, menthol, drinks, tobacco, and more. People often choose to vape to quit smoking, and the old smoke tricks are another reason. Flavors are essential for vaping in both cases. There are many different kinds of liquid for vaping. To enjoy vaping, you need a good vaporizer and a smooth-tasting e-liquid to fill it with.

Vape flavours

Vapemall gives its customers a variety of vape flavours, and they can buy vape flavours quickly based on what they want.

Replacement Pods

Anyone who uses pod mods or vaporizers that aren't disposable needs replacement pods and cartridges. You'll need replacement pods sooner or later if you want to keep vaping.

In closed-system and open-system pod mods, e-liquid is stored in small containers called pods. They snap or screw into the batteries of pod mods to replace pods that have run out of liquid and can no longer make vapour.

This is because open pods need to be replaced because they will stop working overtime. You have to buy new pods, but that's only after you've used the device for a long time and refilled it with different nicotine salts.

Replacement Pods for vapes

At the vape mall store, we have a lot of different brands of replacement pods and cartilage. On our site, you can see the whole collection.

Vape mall gives a variety of replacements pods of different brands like Uwell, Voopoo, Vaporesso, Geekvape, SMOK, Ursa etc.

    Last words

    More than 2,000 vape products from the most popular brands are on our list. The selection now includes e-cigarette equipment from well-known brands and manufacturers, such as Voopoo, Geekvape, SMOK, Aspire, Uwell, and Vaporesso. Vapemall sells all kinds of vape Products in Pakistan, such as Pod vapes, vapes mods, disposable Vapes, vape batteries, vape flavours, vape coils, and even batteries and replacement pods for all kinds of vapes.

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