Caliburn KOKO Prime

Complete Guide to the Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime Pod System in Pakistan

The Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime has a small design identical to the original Caliburn Koko vape device. The 690mAh built-in battery powers your favorite e-juice vape. It has a 15W maximum output. It achieves an incredible balance between capacity and output.

Guide to Use the Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime

Even for total beginners to vaping, the Koko Prime is a simple gadget. Because it uses interchangeable coils, you'll want to make sure you prime them correctly before using them. Otherwise, it's a simple instrument to use.
Pull off the coil that is pre-installed in the pod. Drop a few drops of your favorite e-juice onto the cotton on the coil's sides. When you're finished, replace the coil in the pod by aligning the flat edge with the flat edge on the base of the vape pod. The coil easily retracts into the pod's base.
It may be used with both Caliburn G pods and coils. This vape gadget is suitable for vapers of all levels of expertise, making it ideal for individuals looking to quit smoking.
The fill cap is also the black mouthpiece on the pod. Push it from front to rear or side to side to remove it. Because the mouthpiece is slippery, pulling it might not be easy at first, but it gets a lot simpler after a few attempts. Stick the nozzle of your juice bottle into the red gasket to fill the pod. Fill the pod halfway and let it aside for 5 minutes to allow the cotton to absorb all of the e-juice. You can refill the 2ml e-liquid capacity of the Koko Prime vape device. You simply need to remove the mouthpiece and top-fill the pods with a silicone stopper. The coils may be easily replaced and installed thanks to the plug-and-play architecture. Caliburn G coils are very compatible with the Koko Prime vaporizer. The 0.8 Ohm mesh coil or the 1.0 Ohm standard coil are also available.

KOKO Prime Pod System in Pakistan

Performance of KOKO Prime

These coils have excellent flavor. These 1.0ohm coils, like the 0.8ohm coils that come with the Caliburn g, provide rich, warm, and tasty vapour that outperforms the rest of the pod vape competition. The flavour is outstanding, except for the Caliburn G, which is also excellent, and superior to any other pod vape. Despite being utilized in such a low-powered device, a 3-6mg nicotine e-juice still produces a pleasant pull and throat impact. On the other hand, the Koko Prime is all about nicotine salts. The throat impact with a 35mg nicotine salt e-juice is fantastic. It's a smooth and pleasurable pull.
Depending on how you put the pod, you'll receive an MTL/loose MTL draw or a tight MTL draw. The pod has a tiny airflow hole on the bottom, and a Koko Prime has an airflow hole on the side. The looser MTL draw is obtained by inserting the pod with the airflow apertures. The tight MTL draw is achieved by inserting the pod with the airflow apertures farther apart.
You may therefore alternate your inhalation by rotating the insertion of the pod, which is designed with revolutionary dual airflow technology. You may quickly go from a loose to a tighter and little sketch.

KOKO Prime vape pod

Charging & Battery Life

The Koko Prime takes 40-45 minutes to charge from dead to set fully. The ability to completely charge the cellphone in under 45 minutes is impressive and gives the device more functionality. It is not possible to use it while it is charging. Because the Koko Prime has a greater maximum wattage output (15W versus 11W), it requires somewhat more power. However, this is mitigated by the more extensive battery storage (690mAh vs. 520mAh). You should be able to get through a pod and a half of e-juice before needing to recharge.
When you draw, an LED illuminates to display the battery level. Green indicates at least 60%, blue is between 30% and 60%, and red is less than 30%. When the battery is working, the red light will flash ten times in a row, and the device will not turn on.


Uwell's Koko Prime is another Best pod vape. It delivers the same incredible performance as the Caliburn G, but in a new shape with a brighter aesthetic. If the radiant panels aren't your style, remember that you can remove them for a more understated design.
Koko vape has a great flavour and a comfortable draw. There are very few performance concerns with Koko. It ensures that the draw activation firing is perfect and consistent. The pods are leak-free and contain a strong battery. The fill cap on the Koko Prime is tough to remove at first, but it gets simpler with practice. Apart from that, I can't think of any other flaws or issues.
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