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Differences between smoking and vaping when doing sports

The benefits that vaping offers when you decide to leave behind the consumption of traditional cigarettes and thus avoid the harmful consequences for your health are already quite popular, but when you are an athlete you usually take special care of your body and the question will undoubtedly arise: What happens if I vape and play sports? That is why at Vapemall we bring this article for you about vaping and sports so that you can answer this and other possible questions.

The first consideration to take into account then is that between smoking traditional cigarettes and vaping, there is no question that vaping and sports are a better combination.

Today we are going to know in general why it is much more advisable to enjoy the vaping experience and its relationship with practicing sports and regular physical activity.


Why is vaping more advisable than smoking traditional cigarettes?

Before getting directly into the matter, let's leave the platitudes behind and analyze some of the reasons why we constantly claim that vaping is healthier than consuming traditional cigarettes.

Let's start by considering that these are one of the main causes of preventable death in the world, since they are related to the development of multiple cardiovascular, respiratory and cancer diseases.

Smoking negatively affects physical and sports performance by reducing lung capacity, oxygen supply to tissues and resistance. In addition, smoking exposes the smoker and those around him to more than 4,000 toxic and carcinogenic substances that are generated when burning tobacco.

For its part, if we study the process of vaping we will observe that it consists of inhaling the vapor produced by an electronic device that heats a liquid, which may or may not have nicotine.

Vaping does not involve combustion or smoke, so many of the risks associated with smoking are avoided.

Getting started in the world of vaping is the perfect alternative for those who want to quit smoking or reduce their tobacco consumption, as it allows you to regulate the dose of nicotine and choose between different flavors and aromas.

Benefits of vaping versus smoking

To continue analyzing this possible relationship between vaping and sport, we know that our assertions are regularly accused of not having scientific foundations, which is why today we want to cite a study carried out by the American Heart Association, in which it was determined that vapers exclusive showed a profile of inflammation and oxidative stress similar to that of people who did not smoke or use electronic cigarettes.

On the contrary, both exclusive smokers and those who combined both products showed similar and higher levels of all cardiovascular risk biomarkers.

This suggests that vaping does not harm the physical performance of athletes; on the contrary, if you are a smoker it can help you quit smoking with less effort, making it easier for you to return to sporting activity.

Another benefit of vaping is that it does not produce a bad odor or stain your teeth or skin. It also does not pollute the environment or affect others with secondhand smoke. Additionally, vaping is much cheaper than smoking, as the devices and liquids last longer and are cheaper than cigarettes.

Therefore, this practice can be a pleasant and fun experience, since there is a wide variety of flavors and aromas to choose from, from fruity to creamy, including tobacco or coffee.

5 Recommendations for athletes who want to vape


Once we are clear that the relationship between vaping and sport is much more convenient than smoking traditional cigarettes, now let's share with you a series of recommendations since if you are an athlete and want to vape, take into account the following recommendations to do it safely and responsible:

  1. Do not combine electronic cigarettes with traditional tobacco. This will not bring you any benefit and will only increase your exposure to harmful substances.
  2. Choose liquids with low or no nicotine content. Nicotine is an addictive substance that increases blood pressure and heart rate, which can affect your athletic performance. Additionally, nicotine can cause withdrawal symptoms if you stop using it.
  3. Hydrate well before, during and after vaping. The steam can dry out the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, which may cause irritation or coughing. Drinking water will help you maintain good hydration and avoid possible discomfort.
  4. Do not abuse vaping or do it excessively, vape only when you need or feel like it, but do not turn it into a compulsive habit.
  5. Choose quality and trusted devices and liquids. Not all electronic cigarettes or liquids are the same. Some may contain harmful chemicals or very fine particles that are inhaled into the lungs.

Look for products that meet safety and quality standards, are well labeled, and come from reliable sources. Avoid counterfeit products or products of dubious origin.

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