How to Vape Correctly

Guide on How to Vape Correctly

If you don't know how to vape because you are new to the world of electronic cigarettes, we give you some tricks and tips to vape correctly. Do not hesitate to buy electronic cigarettes to discover this pleasant experience that increasingly convinces thousands of users. Start by deciding to buy a vape and gradually gain experience to enjoy more.

Are you a beginner in the world of vaping?

If you are a beginner in the world of vaping, don't worry. Not all of us were born knowing it, so, even if you are inexperienced and new to this, you will see how simple it is, in addition to everything you can enjoy when vaping liquids.

To start, it is important that you are over 18 years old. Next, you should know that vaping experience is acquired with a little practice, so you should be patient. Vaping ends up becoming one of your favorite activities, especially when you learn to choose the right liquids.

Once, over time, you know what your favorite liquids are, the world of vaping will be your world. In any case, if you have any questions, you can always access our questions and answers section.

To start, we recommend that you choose between the different disposable vape that you will see on our website, since they are easier to use. Later, as you understand its mechanics, you can choose more elaborate models. 

 vape pod

Everything you need to know to learn to vape

We will start by showing you everything you need to know in the world of vapers. It is very easy to learn to vape. You just have to take into account the different types of electronic cigarettes, which tend to differ in small ways when it comes to experiencing puffs.

We teach you how to pod vape and even how to make rings with the vaper. You are ready? To begin with, you must understand that there is no combustion process. You choose the heat and power of your pod. 

The secret to avoiding a choking cough is knowing how to choose the appropriate liquid. Luckily, you will find many types of flavors and aromas that you can easily inhale. Knowing how to select e-liquids should be part of your instinct. We recommend a key for beginners, which will help you gain experience.

Perhaps, at first, you don't need to understand in great detail how to clean a vape, especially if you opt for disposable ones. If you want to know how to charge a vaper without a charger, it is not that complicated, since you can connect it to your mobile phone, using its USB cable. This will also answer your question of how to refill a disposable vaper. As you can see, it makes it easy for you to take it anywhere.

But, taking it a step further, knowing how to do tricks with the vape pod and inhale getting those famous circles will be very fun for you. As easy as taking a long inhalation and putting your lips as if you were going to say "oh." You can see that there is not much science.

How to vape without coughing

Surely you are interested in how to vape without coughing. The first steps you should take are to observe the types of Vape flavour you will use. Next, you will have to analyze the possible causes of the cough. Many times, this occurs after incorrect regulation and even if the quality of the e-liquid is not very good. Then it will be normal for your throat to feel irritated.

Also, an incorrect dose adjustment can cause an unpleasant sensation at first. Therefore, in the first days you will have to adjust each puff, although each user will require an individualized adjustment to improve their experience.

If you decide to buy some nicotine salts to combine with your liquids, you will need to control the amount if you are not used to conventional cigarettes. The potency of the substances is regulated by the duration of each puff, which should last between 5 to 7 seconds. It is important that you keep the inhalation in your mouth, so that you can enjoy the different flavors.

Vape flavour

How a vaper works: electronic cigarette settings

How to adjust the electronic cigarette is essential, although with a disposable one you will not find as many problems. You can learn about the type of resistance it uses and other parts as you become familiar with the device.

For the newbie, knowing how a vaper works should focus primarily on temperature control. When you learn to adjust the temperature, you can control the intensity of each puff, which should not exceed 7 in each session. Depending on the tastes of each user, these may vary in duration and quantity.

Vaping styles: puff to lung or mouth to lung

There are many styles to vape, although these are defined based on what you expect when it comes to savoring the aromas better. Among the different styles of vaping you find the lung puff which, like the conventional cigarette, you take the inhalation directly to the lungs, although you don't end up enjoying it as much as the mouth to lung puff .

Between these two vaping modalities, when you decide to vape with your lungs you get a more intense puff, although it is not the most recommended if you are looking to quit smoking through vaping.

On the other hand, vaping mouth to lung makes it easier for you to experience vaping in a more delicious way, because you can taste the eliquids on your palate for longer. But if you are interested in knowing how to vape with your lungs, you just have to take an intense drag, lasting 7 seconds, in a big puff. At first it will be difficult, but over time you will get used to it.

Guide on How to Vape Correctly

Vapers without nicotine to quit smoking

Use nicotine-free vapers to quit smoking. If you are looking to quit tobacco, now you can stop smoking gradually, thanks to the electronic cigarette. You can choose your eliquids without nicotine, this way you will quit tobacco almost without realizing it and without problems.

From learning how to light them to the production of vapor, when you manage to heat the liquid, it is a process that will not cost you much until you can take a satisfactory puff.

The best way to learn to vape is to buy your first kit. You choose the amount of vapor in each puff. Once the liquid is vaporized immediately, inhale the vapor in the appropriate way, slowly, holding it for a few seconds in your mouth, until you expel it or send it to your lungs. This way you will understand how to vape while enjoying it.

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