Electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigarettes, copycat the act of smoking, but it has tobacco. The e-cigarette, on the other hand, is a battery-operated device that heats the liquid into an aerosol, which is then breathed into the lungs. Pod vaping is the term for using an electronic cigarette. E-liquid, often known as e-juice or nasty juice, vape juice, is the liquid used in electronic cigarettes.

Nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or glycerol, various compounds (including those used to generate flavors), and, in certain situations, water can all be found in nasty juice to create pod flavor. The material injected into a vape pods gives it a vape flavor. When the cell vape is in use, the battery provides the power to heat the e-liquid, transforming it into a smooth vapor that can be breathed. E-liquids provide comprehensive adaptability by allowing vapers to experiment with nasty juice or vape juice flavors in various nicotine and non-nicotine concentrations.

E-Liquid for Vape Podes

It's possible that the substances in e-liquid items aren't labeled clearly or precisely and that the goods aren't offered in child-resistant packaging.
There are two types of vape juice.

⦁ Freebase nicotine
⦁ Nicotine salt


Freebase Nicotine

There was freebase nicotine before nicotine salt. Phillip Morris formulated this form of nicotine decades ago as a technique to fulfill nicotine cravings more effectively due to its high potency. Freebase nicotine is a chemically modified nicotine molecule extracted from tobacco leaves that have been given a greater nicotine concentration. Many tobacco cigarettes still contain it.

It was the only kind of nicotine present in e juice until a few years ago. Many vapers prefer this kind of nicotine; however, it may be pretty unpleasant when vaped in high concentrations or at high power levels. This is because freebase nicotine is not a stable molecule, and the heat generated by a vaping device might cause it to break down and taste bad when inhaled. As a result, most vapers prefer modest amounts of freebase nicotine at high power settings.

What It's Used For

Freebase Nic pod flavor is utilized in various devices, including electronic cigarette, vape pens, and sub-ohm vaping systems. Freebase Nic vaping is linked to direct lung vaping, a type of vaping in which a large amount of vapor is inhaled at once into the lungs.

Nicotine salt

Nicotine salt, often known as Nic Salt, is a brand-new product. It begins by extracting the nicotine from the leaf tobacco's chemical makeup before combining it with benzoic acid. As a result, the nicotine molecule becomes more stable. Because nicotine salt is more durable, this nasty juice may be consumed at higher doses with less acrimony. When these two components are combined, the chemical reaction allows users to get much more potent nicotine hits at lower wattage settings.

Many former smokers prefer more extraordinary nicotine compositions in their vape juices since nicotine is an addictive element. As a result, Nic salt liquids are becoming increasingly popular. Salt nicotine juice has more pure nicotine, effectively fulfilling nicotine cravings while offering a sensation similar to smoking a cigarette. Salt nicotine is also thought to bind more effectively with the brain's pleasure regions. In general, if you're used to smoking cigarettes, nicotine salt will be more pleasurable and a better option.

How Is It Sold and Packaged?

Salt Nic vape juice is available in bottles or in pod cartridges that have been pre-filled. the vape price varies in Pakistan.

What It's Used For

Unlike nicotine freebase pod flavors, Salt Nic vape juices cannot be utilized with vape pens or extensive pod vape systems. They must be used in conjunction with pod mod systems, which are low-wattage vaping devices created particularly for this form of nicotine. They resemble e-cigarettes in appearance. Nicotine salt of nasty juice cannot be used with a sub-ohm system because the liquid will be burned.

Freebase Nicotine vs. Nicotine Salt

Nicotine salt

  • Nicotine contains benzoic or citric acid
  • Nicotine salt pod flavor can be absorbed faster into the bloodstream
  • No large cloud production. Mouth to lung vaping style
  • More expensive. Suitable for high nicotine
  • Cannot handle high vapor flavor complexity
  • This pod flavor gives you a similar sensation to smoking tobacco cigarettes.
  • It gives you a more fantastic throat hit
  • Doesn't very much in terms of nicotine concentration
  • Nic salts may offer a nicotine fix in as little as 6-7 seconds, comparable to the time it takes to smoke a cigarette.
  • Nic salts are more chemically stable than traditional pod flavor Liquids, allowing them to store better, last longer, and maintain nicotine purity.

Freebase nicotine

  • freebase nicotine vape pod cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream. Suitable for mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping style
  • More suited to low and medium nicotine strength
  • No addictive
  • Freebase nicotine has high vape flavours complexity
  • It can handle a wide range of vape flavor characteristics.
  • Freebase E-Liquids may be used for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping.
  • Less price by volume
  • Vape juice of freebase nicotine produces enormous clouds.
  • Heavy nicotine users may feel weak when they use Freebase nicotine vape juice.
  • When vaped in high amounts, it can be unpleasant. When vaped at high power settings, it might feel harsh. Freebase nicotine user Requires more complex, more significant devices.

Which one is the winner?

Here's the thing: we can't argue that one sort of nicotine is better than the other in an objective sense. Both Nic salt and freebase Nic e-liquids supply a potentially satisfactory nicotine amount to the body, but each does it differently to the organic membranes. As a result, we recommend testing both before deciding which one best matches your vaping tastes. We recommend visiting your local vape store and trying out each one. Remember that each nicotine kind requires a particular sort of vape equipment. If you have any trouble deciding between the two, allow us to simplify the process. Nicotine salt is excellent for people who consume much nicotine daily. For example, it's ideal for ex-smokers. Because this liquid nicotine is more potent, salt nicotine is a more robust nicotine solution.

On the other hand, freebase nicotine liquid is ideal for users who wish to create large clouds and utilize high-powered devices. Freebase Nic vape juice, unlike Nic salt, may be used with high-power devices. Freebase Nic vape juice uses a less potent nicotine liquid, yet it's perfect for cloud chasers. Nic salt juice is becoming increasingly popular among vapers. The nicotine concentration of this juice is more suited to former smokers, which most vapers are. Because nic salt feels more like cigarette tobacco, salt juice appears to be more helpful in quitting smoking. Juice of Nic salt Nicotine also provides a more intense throat impact, which many ex-smokers want. So, if you're interested in trying nicotine salt, look at our top Nic salt vape juices. But keep in mind that Nic salt isn't for everyone, so don't be upset if it doesn't suit your specific vaping demands.

What’s your choice?

It entirely depends on you whether you want to use nicotine salt or freebase nicotine, as vaping is all about tailoring your setup to your particular tastes. Whatever sort of e juice you pick, be sure it's from a reputable producer like and that the flavors appeal to your palate.

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