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How do disposable electronic cigarettes work?

Currently, thanks to the popularity of the world of vaping, smokers and non-smokers are inclined to try this type of device. But how do Disposable Vapes work? How to enjoy them in the most effective way? Vapemall answers these questions and much more in this post.

What are electronic cigarettes?

Let's start by clarifying what an electronic cigarette is. We are talking about a device that heats a liquid, turning it into an aerosol that you can inhale as a vapor. This special liquid or Vape flavour is a product, which may or may not contain nicotine, but which is far from being tobacco.

In general, electronic cigarettes have an elongated, tubular shape, similar to a pen. However, current designs show us some interesting proposals that allow us to add our own style to the puff that is given.

But, how disposable electronic cigarettes work, that is, what is behind the process of inhaling the vapor it produces. Let's see a little more about this.

Disposable pod

Find out how disposable e-cigarettes work

We already figured out the "what" now let's look at the "how" behind disposable e-cigarettes. Let's start by clarifying that all these devices (also called e-cigs, mods or even vapers) have a battery that makes them work.

The process is quite simple:

  • The unit is turned on, although sometimes it is done automatically when vacuuming.
  • The battery heat up the resistance of the device.
  • This Coil heats the e-liquid inside the pod or tank.
  • The air vapor that is produced when the vaping liquid boils is sucked in.

That is the process of how disposable e-cigarettes and vaping units in general work. In short, an electronic cigarette requires a battery, adequate resistance, a tank where the liquid will be, and the mouthpiece from which you can inhale and enjoy the product.

Characteristics of the elements of an electronic cigarette

Let's go over some important features of each of the elements that come into play when studying how e-cigarettes work. This is to have a broader knowledge about how disposable electronic cigarettes work and what it is necessary to keep in mind when buying a unit of this type. 


The batteries of electronic cigarettes and, in general, of mods or vapers, are the elements that supply the energy that the device requires to work. Like any battery, it needs to reach the appropriate power, indicated as mAh for the device to heat the resistance.

In general we talk about the number of puffs or aspirations that these can provide in their lifetime. There are different Brands with wide rang of product some of them are: Pod Salt Go 1500 PuffsPod Salt Go 2500 PuffsPALM Pre Filled DisposableSmok Kief Nord Disposable

There is a wide variation in this capacity, but we usually talk about battery life between 900 mAh for 800 vapes up to 1100 mAh that allows a draw of approximately 1000 vapes. 

Disposable pods


We are talking here about the device that allows the vaping liquid to heat up. The resistances obtain the energy from the battery and transform it into heat that will allow the e-liquid to heat up to the point of transforming it into vapor.

For the measurements of the heating capacity of the Coils we speak of ohms. The lower the number of ohms, the higher the power required to heat the liquid.

When the ohms are higher, the resistor wires will be more durable and therefore require less power to operate.

Although resistors have a very short life time, there are brands that supply excellent products. These result in devices with high capacity to last much longer, despite continuous use.


When we talk about tanks and atomizers, we are referring to that device that will store the e-liquid that we want to enjoy. The tank has the space where the liquid will be, the area that comes into contact with the resistance and the atomizer and mouthpiece that will allow the vapor to escape.

There is a wide variety of these tanks on the market, and their life time will also vary depending on their resistance. As we learn how disposable e-cigarettes work, we'll also recognize the tanks and atomizers that work best with each device.

Vape flavours or e-liquids

We enter one of the elements of cigarettes and vapers that presents the most variety. In the world of vaping, vaping liquids constitute an unimaginable display of flavors.

These liquids may or may not contain nicotine. As we already mentioned, e-liquids are not tobacco nor do they have the substances that make traditional cigarettes the dangerous habit that we know it to be.

Basically, Vape flavours are made up of propylene glycol, which is responsible for strengthening the flavor, vegetable glycerin, which helps the formation of vapor clouds, nicotine (which may or may not be present) and flavors. These range from menthol, citrus, fruit, sweet or even chocolate or liquor.

Advantages of electronic cigarettes

Although for those who do not know the world of vaping and how disposable electronic cigarettes really work, there are many prejudices and controversy surrounding them. However, compared to smoking traditional cigarettes, electronic ones have enormous advantages: 

  • It is an excellent alternative to quit smoking, since the amount of nicotine can be reduced as you vape.
  • Since they do not contain tobacco or tar, electronic cigarettes are much healthier.
  • The aromas of electronic cigarettes are not a nuisance. The e-liquids are designed precisely so that the fragrance of their flavors can be felt.
  • Knowing how disposable electronic cigarettes work helps to avoid wasting cigarette butts and generating that toxic smoke. Remember that steam is expelled, not smoke.

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