inhale the smoke from vaping

How do you inhale the smoke from vaping?

Most vapers opt for the alternative of Vaping as a way to quit smoking, so if you are starting out in this wide world it is normal to wonder basic notions such as if vaping smoke is swallowed, its advantages as opposed to regular cigarettes , vaping techniques and even how to inhale the smoke from the essences.

These topics are usually the most asked questions among users who are starting to vape, since they are normally going through a transition from changing the normal cigarette to the electronic cigarette.

If you want to know if the smoke from vaping is swallowed or the different ways to enjoy the Vaping experience, don't miss out on this post because we will answer several of the questions.

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Practice inhaling from vaping

Before answering whether vaping smoke is swallowed or not, you need to know how to make good use of the electronic cigarette to enjoy a good puff when vaping.

Depending on the equipment you have, whether it is a POD Vapes, Box mods or MOD kits, you can live more or less intensely the sensation of vaping an endless number of essences, which in their base composition have two basic compounds: VG and PG in concentrated balanced doses .

Vapor production in some e-cigarettes is produced by just taking a puff on the device, while others require the use of a button so that you can start vaping and feel the first puffs.

These preliminary puffs are called dry puffs, in which you do not get to inhale the essence as such, much less really enjoy a true vaping technique.

When we vape, the word inhale falls short because, although yes, by taking several puffs you will be inhaling in a certain way the essence of the equipment, the expression closest to this practice is that of absorbing the vapor generated by the electronic cigarette.

What are the techniques for vaping?

If you really want to know if the smoke from vaping is swallowed and when the experience of inhaling e-liquids really begins, you will find the answer in the two existing techniques in Vaping:


1. Mouth-Lung

The MTL or mouth-lung technique is similar to the short puffs that are made when smoking conventional cigarettes. In such a way that, when you vape with your equipment, you will feel the vapor first in your mouth and then it will pass to your lungs. This responds in part to the premise of whether vaping smoke is swallowed when vaping.

Inside the mouth are the taste buds, which will allow you to feel the intense flavor of the e-liquid in the mouth to pass that sensation to the lungs. This essence must have a higher percentage of PG so that the flavor has greater intensity.

Some people practice this technique without the need to swallow the essence, but exhale it after holding it for a few seconds.

To achieve a mouth-lung experience when vaping, you need to check that the resistances are above 1.0ohm and its wattage should be below 20w.

2. Direct to the lung

Is the smoke from vaping swallowed in the LT technique? Unlike the MTL technique, in practice direct to the lung is inhaled slowly, but directly so that the essence reaches the lungs, hitting the throat dry and limiting the sensation of the essence in the mouth.

In the LT technique, the flavor of the e-liquid is lost a bit, the aim is to achieve a direct effect that penetrates the lungs.

The direct technique to the lung requires a team, which has a sub-ohm tank and that the power is above 30w and the e-liquid must have a higher percentage of VG, since with this more steam.

Inhalation Effects

Since you already know the answers to the stated premises of what are the techniques to inhale in your vape and if the smoke from vaping is swallowed when executing any of the actions, you can decide what effect you want to achieve when you vape your essences.

Generally, the effects of both techniques are not noticeable until a specific time  to 8 puffs with the electronic device. Remember that you start with short puffs first, then inhale, hold for a while, and exhale.

Advantages of vaping over the conventional cigarette

The effects generated by vaping with your electronic cigarette are not as harmful as when you smoke a conventional cigarette. There are many reasons why the practice of vaping has become advantageous for people who are immersed in this lifestyle.

One of the most significant advantages is that the essences do not cause any adverse effects when inhaled, as it does with regular cigarettes. Part of the components of conventional cigarettes have tar, acetone, carbon monoxide and a lot of substances that are harmful to the lungs, mouth and teeth.

On the other hand, when inhaling an essence, even if it has a degree of nicotine concentration, the health effects are unmatched, since vaping does not stain the teeth, much less damage the lungs or taste buds permanently.

Now that you know how the essence is inhaled, if the smoke from vaping is swallowed, techniques, its effects and advantages of this practice over conventional cigarettes, surely now you will be able to enjoy a great vaping start experience, tailored to your needs and personal tastes.

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