How Long Does Vape Flavours Last

How Long Does Vape Flavours Last?

If you have been smoking traditional cigarettes for years and have just started vaping. You may know everything about e-liquids before it goes bad.

However, read this article to find out how long vape flavours last and, more importantly, how to store your vape juices to make them last as long as possible.

Does The e-Liquid Expire?

Because nicotine, PG, and VG are such essential parts, e-liquid has a shelf life of one to two years. The main reason is that the flavorings and nicotine start to break down over time. Most of the time, e-juice that is a few years old will have less nicotine and a lighter flavour.

Vape Flavours has an expiration date, just like food in the store, but it lasts a long time and stays stable, so it uses and stores properly. Usually, it has two years shelf life.

How long does vape flavours last when opened?

Most vape E-juice can be used for about two years after they are made. This date may be shorter, though, if the e-liquid bottle is opened or not stored correctly or if it's a different kind of vape juice. Make sure to keep your Vape flavour in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to make them last longer.

The shelf life of vape flavours depends on several things. However, it depends on the ingredients used, the ratio of PG to VG, the amount of nicotine in the liquid, and how it is stored.

If the colour or consistency of you vapes has changed, it may be time to throw them away. E-liquids can separate over time, so shake them before using them. You shouldn't vape from a bottle in which sediment can be seen settling to the bottom.

Furthermore, the average person drinks about 2–3 ml of juice every day. This means a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid would last about 10–15 days.

Vape Juice Expiration Dates: How to Tell?

You should be careful if your vape juice has a vague expiration date. E-juice, which is made mostly from plant-based ingredients, has a similar shelf life. You can observe changes in smell, colour, thickness, and taste.


If the Ejuices smells bad, it could be because its VG has gone bad. The vapes can get a smell if left out in very hot weather.


If the liquid is cloudy, it could mean that either the PG or the VG has gone bad.


Most e-juices are golden yellow to dark brown. If the cartridge looks different than when you bought it like if it turned black and oily, the e-juice might have been in direct heat for too long.

Vape Flavour

Your vape juice may taste like tobacco or have a different flavour. But if something doesn't taste good, the flavorings have gone bad.

However, if you are still determining if these things have changed, compare your eliquids to some new bottles. If the newer product feels and looks very different from the older one, you probably have an old product on your hands.

How to extend the shelf life of vape flavours

Prevent pod vape from direct sunlight and heat

Who doesn't enjoy a good time when the sun is shining? But be careful because the UV rays you like won't prepare your e-liquid for the beach.

On the contrary, if you leave a bottle of e-juice out in the sun for too long, its ingredients will break down and go bad.

The components of VG will separate when heated to over 250 degrees °F and will not recombine at lower temperatures. Similarly, PG can become unstable and lose flavour if exposed to the same conditions.

Don't put your bottle of e-juice anywhere near a heat source, like on top of the stove or the car dashboard.

Avoid exposing excessive air

We all know how important air flow is to get a good vaping. But have unfavorable effects

can happen if you forget to screw the cap back on your pod vapes.

Even though the air has many different chemicals, oxygen can affect how long your e-liquid lasts.

When oxygen is mixed with nicotine, cotinine is made. This is a process known as oxidation, and it involves the exchange of one hydrogen atom for one oxygen atom. Vapes lose taste and nicotine potency when exposed to air.

Simply put, too much oxygen will change the taste and lower the amount of nicotine in your E-juice.


Vape is an excellent way for people who want to stop smoking. It's also a great way to get nicotine if you don't want to smoke. E-Juice has a lot of different flavours, so you can find one you like. Vape juice can last up to two years if you store it in a cool, dark place and keep the lid on.

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