How to choose your vape flavours? Know everything when you start

there are many different flavours to choose from when it comes to vaping,

The fact that there are so many tastes to pick from isn't always a bad thing. However, especially if you're new to vaping, you could feel lost amid all of the possibilities. So, how do you pick the finest vape juice for you? Continue reading to learn how to pick a vape flavour that you'll adore.

How Are Vape Flavors Created?

To begin, it's useful to know how vape flavours, also known as e-liquid or e-juices, are created. Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol (a synthetic liquid ingredient), nicotine, and flavouring are all used in vape flavours. 
Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratios vary with e-juice (PG). Multiple parameters, like flavour potency and vaping cloud sizes, are determined by these ratios. If you want a sweeter flavour, for example, you might want to go with a vape flavour that has more vegetable glycerin.

Different types of E-LIQUID ratio

When the best pod vape comes to combining VG and PG to find the optimal ratio for you, there is generally some freedom. You may also change the amount of nicotine in your system. If you don't want to use nicotine, you can completely avoid it.

types of E-LIQUID

Knowing what these terms represent and what is best for you might be the difference between loving and hating your vape.
If you've looked at liquids before, you'll note that they come in various 'ratios.' The quantity of PG and VG in the liquid is referred to as this.

So, let's take a closer look at the various ratios.


PG-based vape liquids are popular among smokers who wish to quit. This type of e-liquid has a greater nicotine content and a more strong throat impact.

Typically, these liquids contain approximately 70% PG and are meant to mimic the sensation of smoking rather than creating large clouds or performing tricks. This thinner liquid is vaped at a lower temperature and has a nicotine strength of up to 20mg.


VG vape juices are known for producing large, dense clouds and come in a variety of unique flavours.
These thicker liquids have a greater VG content and are vaporised at a higher temperature. As a result, only lesser nicotine levels are accessible, thus anything more than 6mg will be difficult to come by.


The best of both worlds is combined in 50/50 e-liquids, which contain 50 per cent PG and 50 per cent VG Like (blvk unicorn lychee),. As a result the liquid has a lot of flavours, a good throat punch, and generates a lot more vapour than a PG liquid.
These liquids have nicotine levels ranging from 0mg to 11mg, making them excellent for mild to medium smokers.


Vape with nicotine-free e-liquid is known as short fills. There is enough room in the bottle for you to use a nicotine shot to add your nicotine. Short fills were established as a technique to get around the limitations of long fills.
Short fills were created as a means to get past the TPD restrictions, which prohibit the sale of e-liquid with nicotine in bottles larger than 10ml.

How do select the right nicotine strength in e-liquid

As we've seen, the best liquid type flavours depend a lot on the device you're using and your motive for vaping. All of these factors come into play while deciding on the optimal nicotine strength.
So, to keep things simple, let's divide it by the type of smoker you are/were:


We'll classify someone as a heavy smoker if they smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day, which is a lot of smokes for one day!

While you may believe that reaching for the maximum potential strength would offer you the most enjoyment, this is not always the case. Over the first few weeks of vaping, it's recommended to experiment with 11mg, 16mg, 18mg, and 20mg to see what fulfils your desires like nic salt juice.

You'll need a vape pen or a non-sub-ohm device to use these nicotine strengths because they're only available in 70 per cent PG and higher.


Light smokers often smoke up to ten cigarettes each day, thus while nicotine needs must be addressed, the requirement for high intensities isn't as important.

As a consequence, you have a lot more options when it comes to the kind of liquids you can vape while still satisfying your nicotine needs.

The lowest nicotine level is usually 3mg, which is available in all e-liquid kinds, including PG, VG, and 50/50.
However, it's best to start a little higher, so a 6mg dosage would be a nice choiceoose. 6mg is widely available in PG and 50/50 e-liquid, however, VG is more difficult to come by.


Nicotine is not required if you are not currently a smoker.

If you're planning to vape, be sure to choose the 0mg option. These are available in short fill bottles and are compatible with all types of liquid (which are all nicotine-free).
Pick based on your personal preferences

To be honest, one of the greatest ways to begin picking a vape flavour that you'll appreciate is to think about the tastes you currently enjoy. There is a large enough variety of vape flavours to satisfy all sorts of taste buds. And most stores offer a broad selection from which to choose.

First, decide if you want a sweet or sour e-juice. Alternatively, you could like something with a tobacco or menthol flavour. It should be easier to target a specific pick after you have a general idea of what sort of flavour you want.

Select a single or multi-flavour option

Another point to consider is if you want a vape taste that is mostly one flavour or one that is a combination of several flavours. If you want to start with a simple, consistent flavour, choosing a single flavour could be the way to go. If you prefer to experiment with different flavours, you might want to try a multi-flavoured e-liquid.
Some of the greatest vape juice tastes have been custom-made or developed by persons with unusual taste buds.

Taste a variety of flavours

Trying several samples is a simple method to get the best vape taste for you. When you walk into a business, you're usually able to taste flavours from their menu. Take advantage of this opportunity to sample flavours from both ends of the range (sweet vs not sweet, etc.). Then select a few of the top vape flavours and take them home to see whether you can continue to enjoy them over time.
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