How to Maintain My Electronic Cigarette

How to Maintain My Electronic Cigarette

This is the first question that comes to mind when you buy your first Vape: how to maintain it, clean it in order to improve its lifespan or its shine from the first day. A few tips are necessary, obviously for the whole cigarette but also to maintain the resistance!


Every day, at the bottom of bags and pockets, electronic cigarettes undergo all possible shocks. For keys, coins, the smartphone, they may have the impression of living in a washing machine drum. But unlike linen, they do not emerge from this life in the shadows intact. Today, we are going to look at the maintenance of your vape device. Due to its discreet size, it is still easier to protect. Several reflexes are essential.


First of all, you must avoid subjecting it to shocks, so that your new electronic cigarette does not get scratched or worse, start to show visible dents. To remedy this, a small pencil case or case of some kind is required. Of course, given the size of this cigarette, there is no need to take a huge kit. A rigid object is desirable, for example a small glasses case can do the job perfectly.

This type of protection has another advantage: you isolate the electronic cigarette from the rest of the bag and you also avoid the presence of all the possible dust and residue that can be found there. They will therefore not invade the USB port or the cartridge receptacle. This is valid for Kuit but also for all electronic cigarettes, the quintessence of this disadvantage being finding particles of who knows what in the drip tip.

Out of the bag - at home for example - it is usually possible to find practical solutions for storing electronic cigarettes because they are compact enough to fit in a toothbrush holder, cup or glass. Storing your vape in an appropriate location allows you to maintain efficient vapor production.


You look more confident and attractive when you stand up straight. It's the same thing for your electronic cigarette! If you store your electronic cigarette laying it flat or upside down, this may cause leaks and empty the vape flavours tank. In addition, this promotes the penetration of dust and dirt inside the electronic cigarette. As much as possible, keep your device in a vertical position to avoid these risks and to keep it clean.


Be sure to store your vape away from direct light sources. We also advise you to store your electronic cigarette at room temperature, away from heat sources. The same goes for e-liquid, because any direct exposure to sunlight could degrade its taste.


Of course, despite these precautions, regular cleaning should never be ruled out. Maintaining your electronic cigarette will extend its lifespan. Do we need to remind you that in the term electronic cigarette there is electronic, a word that rhymes quite poorly with “water”? To clean the exterior part, a very lightly soaked tissue will easily remove mayonnaise stains or bits of potato. A little vinegar can add some sparkle to your vape. Obviously, the smell of vinegar can be a little invasive, so rinse again with a slightly damp tissue. Particular care will be taken to look at the contact points between the capsule and the battery, a prime location for dust. A completely dry, twisted handkerchief will give its shine to this part of the Kuit electronic cigarette. Dust gets everywhere, don't be surprised if it gets dirty.


An often overlooked but important aspect of maintaining your electronic cigarette is removing the replacement cartridge or pod while charging the device. This practice not only helps in preserving the integrity of the cartridge but also ensures that the battery can charge more efficiently. By detaching the cartridge, you minimize the risk of any e-liquid leakage onto the battery contacts, which can cause damage or corrosion over time. Additionally, this can prevent the unnecessary heating of the cartridge, preserving the quality of the e-liquid. Always ensure that both the battery and the cartridge are clean and dry before reassembling your device after charging.


Regular inspection and replacement of parts that are subject to wear and tear is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of your electronic cigarette. This includes the atomizer coil, wicks, and any silicone seals or O-rings. The atomizer coil, in particular, is a critical component that directly affects vapor production and flavor quality. Over time, coils can become clogged with residue from e-liquids or simply burn out, leading to a burnt taste and reduced vapor production. Replacing coils regularly, depending on your usage patterns, ensures a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience. Similarly, checking and replacing worn-out seals or O-rings helps prevent leaks and ensures that your device operates efficiently and find vape Shop near for best quality vape devices. Keeping spare parts on hand and familiarizing yourself with your device's assembly can make maintenance easier and more effective.

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