How to Prime a Vape Coil

You buy a pack of costly coils for your Direct-Lung tank. Insert the coil, and take a puff, hoping your favorite e-liquid will make a tasty cloud of vapour.

Instead, it tastes strange and burnt, which makes you angry and depressed. Many things can cause a coil to burn out, but the most common is improper priming. Here we will mention all details of how to prime a vape coils.

How do you "prime" a coil?

A coil is the part of your vape device that heats up. Priming your vape coil means ensuring that enough e-liquid is soaked into the coil and wicking it, so it doesn't burn out when power and heat are applied.

Priming is a process that typically takes attention and time. It depends on the coil's resistance and measures in ohms. This is because the coil has more cotton or wicking if its resistance is low. With more wicking material, the cotton is more likely to get dry spots, which increases its potential to catch fire.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why high-resistance coils last a lot longer than low-resistance coils. The other reasons are the smaller surface area of the coil and the VG: PG ratio of the e-liquid used.

When using pre-filled pods or cartridges, how do you prime them?

The coil and wicking in pre-filled pods and disposable cartridges don't need to be primed because they've already been exposed to the e-liquid. The only real exception is when using pre-filled pods specifically made to keep the e-liquid isolated from the coil until use. In such a case, you should wait a few minutes before utilizing the pod again.

Every type of coil always needs prime, whether fixed or removable. But the care needed and the time needed are always different. The priming process goes faster if you use a low-powered battery with a high-resistance coil.

On the other hand, you have to be more careful with low-resistance coils. Because, as we've already mentioned, the extra cotton and wicking increase the chance that the coil will catch fire. This is one reason we recommend that only experienced vapers use high-powered devices and low-resistance coils.

How do you prime tanks and pods with fixed coils?


Most pods and tanks with a fixed coil, have coils with high resistance.

Most of the time, all you have to do with these devices is fill them up and let them remain for about five minutes. It's best to keep your device upright so that the e-liquid always touches the coil and is wicking.

How do prime coils that are removable?

If your coil has a high resistance, like more than 1.2, you can leave it in the tank and let it soak into the coil.

You can also remove the coil and manually prime it. When you take it off, look closely at the coil. There should be some holes in it. Fill these holes with e-liquid. You'll also see a hole at the top of the coil. Put some e-liquid in this hole, too, until the wicking is fully soaked.

After putting e-liquid in your tank, you should still let the coil soak for a few minutes before using it for the first time.

How do you prime sub-ohm coils?

If your coil's resistance is less than 1 (these are called "sub-ohm coils"), you should prime it with extra care.

The more care you need to take, the lower the resistance of the coil and the higher the power level. Make sure you add a lot of e-liquid through the ports and the coil's top. Again, after you do this and add your e-liquid, let the e-liquid soak into the coil more. The longer you should wait, the lower the resistance of the coil.

Additionally, you can take a few priming puffs. Inhale without using the fire button to accomplish this. This allows the entry of e-liquids into the coil. You shouldn't flood the coil, so 1 or 2 puffs should be sufficient.


How long does priming a coil take?

How long you need to prime a coil depends on the type of coil and how much resistance it has. If your coil has a high resistance, like more than 1, you only need to prime it for about five minutes.

The longer you need to prime a coil, the less resistance it has. For a mesh coil with low resistance, like 0.15, suggest leaving it soaking for 10 minutes or longer.

How does auto-priming work?

They can sometimes dry out and burn even if you take care of your coils. Innokin, a company that makes vapes, has offered the technology called C+ mode, which auto-primes the coil.

If you forget to prime your coil, what will happen?

We all sometimes forget to prime a coil. Don't worry if you have a low-resistance coil and forgot to prime it, don't worry. You need to leave it alone for a minute.

If you take a puff and don't taste anything burnt, you may have gotten away with it. Still, you should let the tank remain for a while to ensure that the juice soaks into the e-liquid well.

If you do taste burnt, the coil has been burned. But sometimes, not everything is lost. If the burnt taste isn't too bad, let the coil soak in, or take the coil out and soak it in some strong white alcohol. This could save the coil, but stop using it if you taste something burnt.

Easy and Effective: Priming a Coil

Before vaping, to "prime" vape coils means to soak the cotton wick in e-liquid. By soaking a new coil in e-liquid, you can avoid burnt hits and get the best flavour from your vapour. It is important for how long the coil will last and how the user will enjoy vaping. It stops burnt hits and gives the vapour a strong flavour while ensuring the coil lasts longer.

Priming is easy to do and greatly affects how well the coil works. Something that only takes two minutes can make the coil last for days longer and improve the flavour of the vapour by ten times.

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