Lost Vape URSA BABY pod kit

Lost Vape URSA BABY pod kit Review

Since URSA came out with the BABY Pod kit, it has been one of the most popular vaping devices on the market. Many vaping fans would like this pod to be small and easy to carry around. Even though the Lost Vape URSA BABY Pod looks nice, you still need to know what it can do and its features.

Feature of Ursa Baby pod Kit

  • Dimensions: 68.5mm x 47mm x 16.7mm
  • Internal 800mAh battery
  • Wattage output range: 9-18W
  • Side fill
  • Draw activated
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Type-C USB Charging
  • Smart Pod Detection 
  • No holes or leaks.
  • Stylish and appealing design.
  • Quality and design

Feature of Ursa Baby pod Kit

Quality and design of Ursa Baby pod Kit

The Ursa Baby comes in a simple but excellent package. It has a clear window so you can see the colour and shape of the device inside. On the back is a list of what's inside, a code that proves it's real, a label that tells which version is inside, and information about the company.

The Baby doesn't have a fire button. It's an auto-draw. The fire buttons on this design usually take a lot of work. The small knob that sticks out makes it easy to change how much air comes in. However, the slide is very stiff, so it doesn't move when you put it in and take it out of your pocket. The Baby's USB-C port for charging is on the bottom. It has a battery of 800mah. The opening at the top of the pod has two strong magnets and two gold-plated connections to power of the coils in the pod.

Quality and design of Ursa Baby pod Kit

Pods of Ursa Baby pod kit

The only pod that comes with the Ursa Baby is a 0.8 pod. This pod can hold 2.5ml, and the coil can't be removed.

The pod cartridges are dark, so you can't see what's inside them without taking them out of the device. Even when it's taken out so you can fill it, it's hard to see how much you're putting in. Good luck if you're not near a light source. The pod has a big, easy-to-pop-out rubber seal, and the fill port is a good size. The rubber seal fits nicely over the fill hole and prevents leaks or seepage from coming from this area.

The pods attach to the device with magnets. The magnets are strong enough to keep the pod in the device without worrying that it will fall out by accident. However, the pod does move a little bit when it is in. All in all, these pods are pretty normal. Nothing new or innovative about them, but they serve their intended purpose.

There are three holes on one side, which is the airflow inlet that leads to the adjuster. On the other side, there is also a square opening. On the bottom of the pod, there are two holes in different places and magnets. 

Pods of Ursa Baby pod kit

Battery and Recharging

The Baby pod comes with an 800mAh battery.  The battery life on Ursa baby is pretty good.  Depending on how much power is left in the batteries, the LED light on the Ursa Baby will shine in one of three colours. This LED lights up when you drag, put, or take out the pod. The LED looks cool because it has a clear shell.

What are these three colours?

  • Red: <3.7V
  • Blue: 3.7-3.9V
  • Green: 3.9V+

The Type-C port is on the bottom of the device and quickly charges the Ursa Baby. It only takes about an hour to charge from nothing, which isn't too bad. The Ursa Baby also has pass-through charging, which lets you use it to vape while it's charging.

Performance of Ursa Baby

The offset perforation allows the airflow of the pod can not only supply air for the puff, but it can also activate the auto-draw sensor. Furthermore, On the left side of the top of the mod, there is a notch that you can use to put the lanyard through if you want to.

The essential thing to remember about this device is that it is comparable to the Ursa Nano. It has a different shape, but the pods are the same. The draw is the main difference. When the airflow is set to the tightest setting, it takes a lot of effort to draw, and the draw is very, very tight. The taste is excellent, and it's fun to vape with this pod. The activation of the draw is good, responsive, and reliable.

Performance of Ursa Baby

What is Included In the box               

  1. 1 Ursa Baby Pod Device
  2. 1 0.8ohm Ursa Nano P
  3. 1 Type-C Cable
  4. 1 Lanyard
  5. 1 User Manual.

Ursa Baby Includs In the box

Last words of this pod kit

The BABY Pod has a Quest chipset, improving its performance and making it the perfect MTL drag device. This pod has an activated draw and a unique airflow switch that makes puffing smooth and easy.

Also significant is the pod life. You can get at least two weeks of use out of each pod, and maybe, even more, depending on how much you vape. The pods can handle anything from 50/50 to 70VG with no problems.

Besides working well, the design is also attractive and exciting. The Ursa Baby is different because it is one of the few clear pod vapes on the market.

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