Stop Coil Burning

The Ultimate Guide to Stop Burnt Coils

How to Stop Coil Burning

Now, have you ever had a juice that had a delicate flavor, but then it hits you with a sensation that feels like someone is sandpapering your entire mouth, making it burn?


Burnt Coil

It’s an awful feeling, and if you want to feel like you’ve been hit with a potent knockout gas, then by all means, continue to do this. but if you hate the taste of something burning, coil burning is something that you should try to avoid. 

The reason for this is because of something called “burnt wick” and it tastes just like the flavor itself. It’s horrible, and it can ruin the entire head of the coil, and it can cost you a ton of money.

However, there is a way to stop this, and make it less likely, and here is how.

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Why Vape Coils Get Burnt?

So, in order to avoid this, you need to understand why this happens. However, it’s simple.

If you don’t have juice in there, and then you push the button to fire, you’re basically sending a zap of electricity into the coil, heating this up. But, the wick isn’t covered at all, so it doesn’t take that juice from this and give you that. instead, you’ve basically get burning wick, which tastes godawful.  The heat isn’t vapor anymore like how it should be, but instead you end up sending a very re-pungent and burning taste into your mouth. 

This in essence is you burned the wick, so you have to kind of pay for it, and that’s through the dry vape. Sometimes you may get a hint of flavor, but it’s mostly burning. 

Often, this is prevented by the juice itself. You have enough juice, you won’t get the bad taste. It’ll soak it up, and then there you go, and you’ll be able to not have this awful instance happen.

But, if there’s no juice or not enough, things get bad. If you then press the button to fire, the coil then gets hot, and there isn’t anything there to take the heat additionally. From there, the coil temperature grows higher, which leads to tow bad situations, which are:

  • The juice in essence gets a sense of being “overcooked” where it’s heated up to a very high level, and then the PG becomes formaldehyde, and in that case, it tastes awful.
  • Now, if there isn’t anything to protect the heat, you in essence have the wick being exposed to a coil that’s super hot. Because it’s got cotton on there, it burns the wick, and if it’s completely dry, it will literally burn, and that tastes awful.

So that’s essentially what happens. You’re burning the cotton and getting formaldehyde directly in the mouth, and that is gross.

How Coils Burn Out?

When a coil burns out, it creates an awful taste. If it’s slightly burnt, you’ll get a little bit of a burnt taste, like something isn’t right. But, you should know that these create harmful chemicals in there, and they should be changed. Sometimes, this also comes about when a burnt out coil is replaced, and it might last a few puffs, but sometimes if it’s there for a while, you gotta replace your juice.

How to Stop this Disgusting Taste

So how do you stop this awful taste? Well you should always make sure that there is juice within the wick when it burns.

You shouldn’t dry burn the coils themselves, since most of the wicks are often with cotton, and if there isn’t any juice surrounding them it won’t protect them. If you have ceramic wicks, it’s okay to dry burn a little bit, and you can deal with the small amounts of silica, but don’t do it a lot because silica is poisonous

There is much less chances of this happening if there is juice in there, but there are a few steps you have to take. When that button is pressed, you get rid of the juice within the wick, and the best thing to do is to ensure that the devices are put together so that the flow of this is able to keep up with the time you use to vaporize it. That’s a big part of this, but what can you do? Read on to find out?

7 Ways to Stop Burning Coils

1 - Don’t chain Vape

Essentially this is constantly vaping. The problem with this, is that if you continuously do this, not giving it a couple of minutes to actually reset itself, you’re going to eventually dry out the wick. A couple puffs here and there is fine, but doing it a lot, will cause this to become quite unpleasant.

The solution to this is simple: just let it sit.  You can wait a minute for it to dampen once more, and your wick and coil will thank you.

2 - Prime Coils Before you Vape

If you don’t prime the coils before you begin, you can actually burn it before you use it.

When you first put in a coil that’s new, the wick has to go from dry to soaked. This does take a bit of time, about five or so minutes in between putting it in initially and the first puff. If you wait a long time, priming isn’t totally necessary, but it’s very hard to ensure you have a soaked wick. If it’s not, when you fire this, there isn’t juice to absorb this, which is how burnt coils come about.

Priming is a pretty word for soaking the wicks before installation. The heads of the coil have an opening near the top, and there are ports on the side where the wick is shown off.

The best way to prime this is to put some drops on the opening near the top, and then soak the wick as it’s exposed at the port areas that you see on the sides. This doesn’t take much, but you want this to be saturated.

Another thing to do, is to take a few puffs of this without even touching the fire button, since that will prime your coil, and then it sucks the liquid forcefully to the wick. If you do this too much however, this can flood your coils, so be mindful.

Now, once you finish it should work, but actually what about five or so minutes after it’s filled to start vaping. This may not be needed, but if it’s not primed, the whole thing can get messed up, so make sure you do wait.

3 - Keep The Vape MOD Tank Topped

The juice does actually play a big part because if it’s low it won’t soak the wick very well. often with many coil heads that are there the juice needs to be at a certain level for it to even reach it. If there is less juice it won’t get soaked up and when it’s really low that’s when problems happen.

The best solution is for the tank to be topped. When the performance is worse, and the flavor lessens you should give up on the current juice and refill the tank. If you don’t want the flavors to mix you can empty it but you can also rotate the tank if you want the liquid to soak the wicks. This isn’t as reliable however since this can get hard when it’s too low so ideally refill.

4 - Try a Less Sweeter Ejuice

If there is a lot of sweetener in the juice it can really mess up the coils. That’s because there is sugar in this which caramelizes and while that’s great in a dessert it’s a great way to destroy the coils you’re using. The wicks can’t soak the new juice very well so when it vapes it causes these problems.

However, this is often more on the sweetener level but there are many other juices that can cause this. If you use a heavy dessert-inspired or a coffee flavored one you swill experience this. The general rule is the darker the juice color the more of an impact this will indeed make.

If there is gunk on there and you like the dessert juices just clean up the wicks to solve this using water or alcohol or something that’s strong and drinkable. When you do this let it sit for about 24 hours to let it dry out.

Now not everyone likes to clean up their coils though. There are different methods too and a lot of times you may not be able to get the coil into the best condition even after cleaning is done. This is also a true problem if you’ve already got a coil that’s messed up and the wick is damaged as well.

The best solution in this case is to use a juice that doesn’t have sweetener in it. You’ll need to replace the coil but it’s best to get rid of this in the future.

5 - Lower The Power

Now vaping at a higher wattage gives you some great clouds, but there is a downside to this. doing it constantly, means that you’re going to die this out much faster.

Think of all that power you’re pushing into’s a lot,and you’re possibly pushing a couple hundred watts out. That, if it’s not dried, will burn this, and it could potentially end up doing a lot worse than mucking up your coil, that's for sure.

Ideally you should reduce the power on this. If you notice a dryer flavor the coil is getting dry so let it sit to soak the juice. You should take a break and when this happens just let it sit. But if this does happen a lot you should reduce the wattage you’re using.

Usually there is an indication on these on ideal wattage that should be used so you should keep within the range to prevent issues. Go low and then head on up. However, if the flavor isn’t really happening and you keep having burnt coils decrease the power.

6 - Use E-Liquid with More PG

PG has a thinner texture, and if you want to make sure that you don’t burn out your wick, focus on this.  finding that right balance is important, because VG is thicker, and it doesn’t necessarily go up through your wick as fast. This can result in the puffs being dry, and your wicks of course getting burnt.

If you have something with a high VG, this does cause wicking problems, and can make it dry. The best way to do this is to go half and half, and make sure you watch these ratios. If you don’t like the taste of it, try adjusting the voltage or temperature control on this.  remember, there are other factors.

However, this isn’t necessarily always an issue since many sub ohm tanks are set to deal with juices that are higher in VG. However, if your tank has bad wicking that’s also a big issue.

7 - Get into the Habit of Temperature Control

Temperature control is your solution to wicks screwing up. That’s because it watches the changes on there, and if it notices that you’re getting too hot, it will stop you before you screw it up.  It tracks these changes in a way that’s much better than wattage, since wattage focuses on the power rather than the temperature.

If it reaches that point it will stop powering it and it won’t get hotter

If there was a simple solution to this this would be it. when you vape from the wick without juice in it you simply can’t do it. Even if you were trying to you simply couldn’t which mean temperature control does solve the problems that are there without having to resort to other means.

The main issue with this is that you need to have an ecig that supports a nickel, stainless steel or titanium coils and tank needs this as well. Titanium is possibly poisonous as well and some can’t handle nickel due to allergies, so keep that in mind.

Save your taste buds and your money!

If you want to continue wasting money, burn your coils and wicks. But, if you want to save your device, and save your mouth from these godawful elements, a simple priming of the coils, or even switching to a TC device will help you a lot.  Remember, these can rack up a price, so save your bacon whenever you can by watching how this fares.

If you want to get the most out of the juices themselves avoid burning the wick with these helpful tips!

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