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Things to consider when choosing the best pod vape in 2022

Choosing one of the various Best pod vape gadgets today might be tricky! If you've never used a pod before, you should know the traps to avoid before purchasing one.

Best pod vape Battery

It's also vital to think about the gadget's battery life while picking a pod device. A vape device's battery capacity is measured in milliamperes (mAh) (milliamps per hour). As a general rule, anything with a battery capacity of less than 400 mAh should be avoided. In practice, a battery with 400-600 mAh will last for around half a day of frequent vaping. If you want a pod that will last you all day, go for one with a capacity of 1000+ mAh.
It might quickly become irritating if you have to charge your pod gadget every few hours. If you're a smoker who wants to switch to vaping, keep in mind that you don't want to run out of power when out and about. This will only make it more difficult to refrain from purchasing a pack of smokes.

Pod mod, AIO, or traditional pod vape

Classic pod vapes or an AIO pod system will be your best bet if you're new to vaping. This will make things as simple as possible and provide you with an easy-to-use gadget.
A refillable pod, also known as an open system pod, allows you to replace your e-juice when you run out. A pre-filled or closed system pod, on the other hand, contains a predetermined amount of e-liquid. After vaping the e-juice within a closed pod, remove the pod and discard it.

Whether you choose a device that uses disposable pode system or replaceable coils, we recommend going with a refillable device. This saves you money in the long term, allowing you to test other best pod vapes. It might be tedious to be limited to the tastes offered by a company. You may also dislike the vape flavors they provide and abandon vaping before giving it a fair chance.
With a refillable pod system, you may experiment with different pod vape tastes to discover ones that you like. You may use the pod vape until the coil and wick inside quit producing a delicious vape flavor taste.

 traditional pod vape
Airflow (MTL or DL)

These days, many pod vapes come with airflow control, allowing you to customize the draw to your liking. If they don't, they'll likely provide anything between a loose mouth to lung draw and a tight mouth to lung draw (for more information, see our guide on the mouth to lung and direct lung vaping).
If you want to quit smoking and transition to vaping, you'll need a tight mouth-to-lung draw device. This will most closely resemble the sensation of smoking a cigarette.
Even when both devices have the airflow fully open, specific pod systems will give a considerably tighter pull than others.
It may take some trial and error to get a draw that you like, which is where a device with adjustable airflow comes in useful. If in doubt, most vapers choose a medium-tight MTL draw, such as the one provided by the Uwell Caliburn A2.
The disadvantage of adjustable airflow is that it adds another element to modify and perfect. If you want something simple, a device with a medium-tight MTL draw and no adjustable airflow would be the best option.

Wattage is adjustable

Adjustable wattage, like adjustable airflow, is another feature found on some pod vapes. This allows you to fine-tune the intensity and heat of your vapor even more. Adjustable wattage isn't a must-have, though, because decent pod vapes without it will still deliver the best wattage to the pod and coil.
Still, adjustable wattage control is an excellent feature because it allows you to reduce the wattage for a less strong pull or increase it slightly for a more intense punch.
We recommend choosing a virtual device without adjustable wattage to keep things as easy as possible if you're new.

Coils/pods on hand

Coils and pods with built-in coils exist in a variety of resistances. For vaping nicotine salt e-juices, higher resistance coils (closer to 1.0) are recommended. For vaping typical nicotine e-juices, lower resistance coils are preferable. You'll want a coil that's well-suited for the task, depending on the pod vape e-liquids you'll be utilizing.

Coils pods

Before purchasing a pod vape, you should think about the pricing. You could discover a terrific pod for a reasonable price, but it's also worth considering the cost of replacement pods.
Depending on the gadget you pick, you may need to replace the pod frequently. If replacement pods are expensive, this might quickly add up. 
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Which e-juice has the optimum VG/PG ratio for pod vapes?

Most pod vapes will be able to handle VG levels ranging from 50/50 to 70VG with ease. With richer e-juices, such as 75VG or 80VG, certain pod vapes may suffer. Stick to e-juices with a VG content of 50 to 70 for the most outstanding results.
This isn't to suggest that thicker e-liquid pod vape can't be used. They may still be able to vape successfully. However, repeated pulls may result in a dry hit, which occurs when the cotton does not absorb enough e-juice and is on the verge of burning.

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