Avoid Leaking of Vape Pods

Tips to avoid Leaking of Vape Pods

You’ve dealt with a leaking vape tank before, but have you ever dealt with a leaking vape pod? Pods, like tanks, are prone to leaking, which may make for a messy and stressful experience. Although it is tempting to blame the pod, this is not always the case. It's sometimes up to you and how you handle the pod. If you want to use vape pods frequently, it is a good idea to learn how to avoid a leaking vape pod.

Avoid Ignoring Pod Leaks

Pod systems are highly portable, convenient, and simple to use. However, leaks are one of the most common concerns with pod-based vaping. A leaky pod is not only inconvenient; it is also a terrible waste of money. Furthermore, as the vape juice seeps into the system's components and crystallizes into a sticky resin or hard mass, it might damage your pod system over time. If this seeps into your battery connections and other components, it can create problems and completely destroy the gadget in the worst-case scenario.

A leak has the potential to harm more than just your vape pod. If e-liquid drips over your clothes, backpack, or other valuables, it will transform them into a sticky, oily mess, potentially causing irreversible harm to more delicate goods.

It goes without saying that if your equipment is leaking, you should fix it as soon as possible

What Causes Vape Pod Leakage?

The first thing you must know is what is causing your pod to leak. There are numerous prevalent causes for this, with the following being some of the more common:

 Causes of Vape Pod Leakage

  1. Manipulation of the Pod

While pods appear to be strong, they are susceptible to damage caused by mishandling. Squeezing a pod incorrectly can cause it to leak. The same goes for biting it while it's still in your mouth. Such actions, comparable to user mistakes, might cause structural damage, causing pods to leak. This is why you should always handle your pods with prudence.

  1. Using a Cartridge for an Excessive Period of Time

If you do not change your cartridge regularly, it may begin to leak. This is because the wick's fibers will fray and lose their ability to hold on to e-liquid. When this occurs, the e-liquid seeps through it over time and has nowhere else to go but out of your gadget.

  1. A Dying or low Battery

A weak or low battery can cause your e-liquid to leak out of your pod since a weak battery cannot convert your e-liquid into vapour. When your battery is low, each draw will pull e-liquid through your mouthpiece rather than vapour because it is not vapourised.

  1. Hardware Failure

Defective hardware is to blame in some cases. Pods, and not just pods, but device batteries, might be defective upon shipment. For example, if the opening on your device where the pod is inserted is too small, it can crush the pod and cause it to leak.

  1. Vaping excessively

Excessive vaping might cause e-juice to spill from the mouthpiece. When this happens, the simple answer is to vape less aggressively, letting the vape cool down between puffs.

How to Prevent Vape Pod Leaks?

You can easily avoid unsightly and unpleasant leaks by being cautious and making little changes to your vaping practices. Here are a few pointers:

Vape Pod Leaks

  1. Do not drag excessively

Too much liquid can be drawn into the mouthpiece when you inhale too forcefully via your pod. Even if the battery is fully charged, this is still the case. It's critical to realize that pod systems are made for a more understated and relaxed experience and aren't always as potent as vape pens or nearly certainly as powerful as box mods. So, if you're going to use one, make sure to only take drags that are just strong enough to bring some vapour into your mouth.

  1. Maintain Your Battery Charge

Always keep in mind that a low battery might create leaks. Therefore never let your battery get too low. The frequency you charge your device's battery depends on how frequently you use it, but you should do it at least every few days. If you discover that your battery can no longer hold a charge, it may be time to replace it. Our online store Vapemall sells replacement pod vape batteries.

  1. Change Cartridges Frequently

Disposable vape pods are intended to be replaced on a regular basis. Depending on how frequently you vape, you need change your cartridges at a certain rate. You'll learn this on your own over time through trial and error. Once you do, make sure to keep up with changing them to prevent leaky pods and burned-out coils.

  1. Double-check that everything is tight

When you screw in a fresh pod, ensure its snug, and nothing seeps out. To test this, hold the device at various angles. At the same time, don't overtighten because this will harm your equipment's seals and produce leaks in the long run.

  1. Allow time between puffs

Taking pulls off your vape one by one will overwhelm it, causing it to leak. You can avoid any leaks caused by misuse by vaping less vigorously. If you're not receiving enough vapour or the vapour isn't potent enough, consider raising the voltage or wattage if your device has one of these features. It would help if you also thought about boosting the nicotine strength of the e-juice you're vaping.

Allow time between pod puffs

  1. Blowing Into The Mouthpiece

If your pod begins to leak, one tip you may find beneficial is gently blowing through your pod's mouthpiece after disconnecting it from your device's battery. Don't worry; the e-liquid won't start pouring out the other side since an airhole on the other end of the pod should enable the air to escape; the e-liquid will just be pushed back into the pod.

  1. Check your airflow

When the airflow is at its lowest, you must draw or inhale harder to acquire a puff from your Pod device. It also limits the amount of air that enters the gadget. This is acceptable, and some people enjoy it but be aware that if you inhale too strongly, you risk getting too much juice into the atomizer coil, flooding it, and producing a leak. If you notice this happening regularly, try opening up your airflow a bit more to allow for an 'easier' vape, and you'll be done in no time.

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