Tips to enhance your Vape flavours for a good vaping experience

Tips to enhance your Vape flavours for a good vaping experience

One thing that is always true about vapers is that they love different types of vape flavours. People go for vaping because they want to get nicotine without smoking. However, only the taste of the e-liquid flavors keeps you interested and stops you from wanting to smoke again

You're always looking for new ways to make vaping exciting and fresh. However here we will discuss some tips to enhance your Vape flavours for a good vaping experience

How to enhance vape flavour for a good vaping

Pick the best vaping juice

In vaping, vape juice is an essential ingredient. The taste of your eliquids can be changed by the quality of the ingredients you use. Always get e-liquids that use high-quality ingredients and avoid those use cheap ingredients. The cheap ingredients may also have additives and harmful chemicals.

High-quality ingredients in vaping juice will give a real and enjoyable vaping experience.  At the vape mall store, you can get the best e-liquid brands like VGOD, BLVK, JUICE HEADNAKED100 and alot others .

Store your e-liquid properly

Always storing e-juice, in the right way can help keep its flavour. Also, don't leave the vape juice bottle open to the air for more than an hour. The taste can ruin the whole experience when it starts to get weaker. Furthermore, open the bottle of vape juice in a dark room or with little light. However, direct sunlight or places with high temperatures can change tastes and break down the nicotine in them.

Not putting vaping Juice above the line

E-liquid can be vaporized the same way whether you use a regular vape atomizer or a cartomizer. The heating coil wrapped around a wick heats the vape juice so that it can turn into vapour.

The remaining heat then causes more e-juice to be drawn from the tank. When the wick is complete, adding more liquid makes less airflow through the vaping atomizer or cartomizer. This makes the puffs feel less full.

Find out PG/VG ratio in your vaping juices

When choosing e-liquid, you need to know how much PG and VG it has. A high VG juice is excellent if you want large clouds, but if you want to smoke from your mouth to your lungs and wants more hit, you need a low VG juice ratio.

Try different kinds of e-liquid

Trying different kinds is one of the easiest ways to improve the taste of your e-liquid. Different eliquids give taste different, so you should try a few to see which one you like best. Some of the most popular choices are fruit, dessert, mint, and menthol.

Avoid chain vaping

Chain vaping can quickly heat up your coils, which can change the taste of your e-liquid. Try to take a break between puffs to allow the coils to cool. This keeps your coil from overheating and helps to preserve the vape flavour of your e-liquid.

Maintain your device

People sometimes mix vape flavours f when they fill up the tank. Some flavour combinations are unpleasant. So, you should always clean the tank of you vape before switching flavors. Some people like to mix flavors and so they mix them to make a good vaping experience.

However, it is a good idea to keep your device clean. Clean your coils and tank as soon as you notice that the taste is getting worse.

Airflow Adjustment

The airflow can also be changed. Most of the time, more open airflow makes clouds larger. When reducing airflow, the puff gets smaller, and the flavour strengthens. However, you can't completely stop the airflow, or you won't be able to vape.

Furthermore, the atomizer can overheat and break the tank glass if it gets too hot. As with the power control, it is best to start by slowly opening and closing the airflow control.

Check batteries properly

A battery can last for a long period even if it is not recharged, but it cannot be discharged repeatedly. Similarly, while some vapes have a lower battery life, they do not overheat at greater currents.  

Not all batteries have the same capacity. You must charge it on a regular basis. If you do not do so, you may run out of battery at any point while you are outside. This can make vaping more difficult. Running the device on a low battery level will also eventually destroy it. Make sure you don't make this mistake. To get a good vaping experience you need to purchase an extra Vape battery. You can get all types of batteries available on the Vapemall online and physical stores in Lahore.


Even though it's easy to buy the device, maintaining and how to use properly vape device is difficult. You can improve your vaping experience by following these simple and useful tips. Furthermore, disposable vape and other Pod vapes are available in Pakistan at Vapemall store. You can check the best Vape price in Pakistan at the Vapemall website.

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