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Top 10 do’s and don’ts when you’re new to vaping

If you're new to vaping or simply want a reminder, here's a brief rundown of the dos and don'ts. You'll have a better vaping experience if you follow these 10 first-time vaping suggestions.

Things To Do's While Using Vapes

  • Do keep Your Vaporizer Clean

E-juices can last long, but that doesn't mean you can leave them out. It still goes bad, so you need to know how to store vape juice to keep its flavour. Don't leave your e-juice in direct sunlight or other hot places. The best place to store vape juice is somewhere dark and cool.
This is the most important guideline to improve your vaping experience. Your tank accumulates residue that might diminish the taste and quality of your e-liquids.
It would help if you cleaned your tank every time you changed your e-liquid. At least once each month, it would be best if you properly cleaned it by emptying it and soaking it in warm water.
If you are searching for a simple tank to clean, you should choose MTL atomizers with a detachable mouthpiece and changeable glass, which makes it simpler to clean between e-liquid changes.

keep Your Vaporizer Clean

  • Do Store Your E-Liquids Properly

E-liquids have a lengthy shelf life, but that does not imply they can be left out in the open. Vape juice is still perishable. Therefore, you must know how to store it correctly to preserve its taste. Avoid exposing your e-liquid to direct sunlight and heated environments. The ideal place to store vape juice is in a cold, dark location.

  • Do Try Out Different PG/VG Ratios

Two of the few constituents in e-juice are Propylene Glycol (P.G.) and Vegetable Glycerin (V.G.). A ratio between these two substances may control the taste strength and cloud density. You might use a 50/50 mixture to balance taste and cloud density.

  • Do Decrease Nicotine Level Gradually If You Wish to Quit Smoking

For many individuals, vaping is an alternative to smoking. If you want to stop smoking, it's OK to start with a high-nicotine e-liquid, but you should reduce the amount gradually over time.
You can keep using vape pods, but you should gradually switch to box mods or other vaping devices that let you use e-liquids with less nicotine.

PG VG Ratios

  • Do find a device that is suitable for you

The thing you use to vape should be something you want. There are a lot of choices on the market, but it's possible that some box mods or vape pods won't fit your style.
You should choose a device based on whether it's a pods system or a vape box mod. It would help if you also thought about how it looks. You're lucky that vape kits are available in vape mall stores. It has a filter system that makes it easy to find the right device in the colour you want.

Things to Avoid (Do Not) While Vaping

  • Don't violate smoking rules

When we talk about smoking rules, there are places where people can smoke cigarettes. But vapers might still not be allowed in these places.
Since vapes make thicker clouds, using them in small rooms is not a good idea. If you like to smoke in places where smoking isn't allowed, you can get small vape pods like the I.O. Pod Vape Kit that lets you smoke without being seen. It works well with Nic salts and can give you strong vape flavours from your e-juice.
People can also smoke in vape shops, but they don't like it when people smoke cigarettes there. Since many people who used to smoke use vapes to stop, it can be hard for them to be around people who are still smoking.

  • Don't Overnight Charge Your Device

Most of the risks of vaping come from how the batteries are handled. The worst thing you can do is charge too much for it. This may cause the battery to burst, catch fire, or die.
Many devices have built-in protection against overcharging, but you can't count on this. Even this protection can fail if you charge too much. You should only charge the device or batteries when awake and aware. Make sure you're nearby to unplug the device when it's done charging.

Don't Overnight Charge Your vape

  • Don't Forget to Hydrate

If you vape a lot, your mouth might start to feel dry. Vaper's tongue is less likely to happen if you drink enough water.
Propylene Glycol, one of the main ingredients in e-liquid, can make you lose water when you vape. It easily soaks up water molecules, preventing your body from getting enough water. Because of this, you should drink more water than usual.
Don't wait until you're thirsty or dehydrated to start drinking water. Beginners who vape often become dehydrated. Over time, you'll remember to drink water while vaping.

  • Don’t chain the puffs

People who want to stop smoking and have switched to vaping are likely to chain vape or take many drags in a short amount of time. This can cause your coils to burn out faster and give you dry hits. This can also hurt your vape device if you keep going even though you can feel it getting hot.
It would help if you saturated your wicks to reduce the likelihood of a dry hit. The standard recommendation is to wait 15 to 30 seconds between puffs.
When trying to stop smoking, 30 seconds can seem like a long time. You can buy e-juice with a higher level of nicotine in this case. This will give you a strong and satisfying dose of nicotine, so you won't want to take another hit before the 30 seconds are up.

  • Do Not Return to Smoking

If you want to stop smoking, don't start again while you are vaping. Cigarettes have many more side effects and dangerous ingredients than vape juices. Switching between vaping and smoking cigarettes defeats the purpose of using a vape device to stop smoking.
If you miss the high nicotine, a cigarette can give you, switch to an e-liquid with more nicotine. This will give you the same high as smoking, but you won't have to go back to smoking.
You can slowly lower the nicotine in your vape juice until you are no longer dependent on it. This is one of the best ways to stop smoking, but it takes time and patience, especially if you have been smoking for a long time.


Vaping can be a little scary for a beginner. With this guide, I hope you can improve your vaping experience, whether you're just starting or have been vaping for a while. In conclusion, you must ensure that you use the correct vaping device, take care of your device, and show consideration for others. The dos and don'ts of vaping ultimately revolve around common sense and courtesy.
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