Uwell Sculptor Pod system

Uwell Sculptor 11W Pod System Review

The Sculptor Pod System looks great and works well, making tasty clouds of vapour when you draw on it. It is made of zinc alloy. The Sculptor Pod Kit also has a place to attach a lanyard so that the Sculptor can be kept within arm's reach. The Uwell Sculptor 11W Pod System is excellent for both new and experienced vapers because the pod can hold up to 1.6mL of e-Juice or nicotine salts.

Features of the Uwell Sculptor Pod System:

  • Size: 77.1 mm x 32.6 mm x 15 mm
  • 370mAh Battery
  • Wattage: 11W 
  • Material: Zinc-Alloy
  • Firing: Draw-activated Pod 
  • Capacity: 1.6mL 
  • Firing: Draw-activated 
  • Coil: Integrate 1.2ohm Coil 
  • Pod Connection: Magnetic 
  • Copper, grey, bronze, black, gold, and silver are the colours available.

Uwell Sculptor Pod System Features

Build and Design of Uwell Sculptor Pod System

Simple as can be. That will appeal to new vapers, precisely who the Sculptor was made for. It doesn't have a screen, a fire button, or a way to switch coils.The Uwell Sculptor is a small and easy-to-use choice. With dimensions of 77.1 x 32.6 x 15.0 mm and a weight of just 50 g. The Sculptor Kit is easy to hold and can also be worn around the neck as a piece of jewellery with the included necklace.

Despite how delicate it looks; the Sculptor is easy to use. To turn it on, breathe in through the mouthpiece. A magnet holds the pod in place, and there are no buttons or other ways to change it. The PRO FOCS atomization technology from Uwell is used again to give you a fuller, richer flavour. The self-cleaning tech is also back to make sure there are no leaks.

When the built-in 370mAh battery is in different stages of dying, a tiny coloured LED shows its stage. The kit comes with two 1.2-ohm FeCrAL mesh pods. The pods can hold 1.6ml of E-juice, and the silicone plug on the side can be lifted to fill them.

The clear pod makes it easy to see how much e-liquid is left and refill it in time so that the coil stays energized.

Build and Design of Uwell Sculptor

Pod section of Uwell Sculptor Pod System

The Uwell has 1.2ohm meshed coil is used in these. It has four ports for wicking, which is a lot for an MTL coil. The PCTG material is used to make the pod. Even though it's clear, the amount of power left is hidden in the battery section.

The mouthpiece is comfortable and has a shape that goes well with the battery section. It can go into the battery either way, which is helpful after a quick charge.

Filling the Pod of Uwell Sculptor:

Pull the pod out of the battery section. Lift the silicone stopper on the pod's side to reveal the fill port. With the pod on its side, gently squeeze e-liquid into the fill chamber. Push the silicone stopper back into place to make a tight seal. Please ensure the e-juice level is above the coils wicking ports when filling it.

Uwell Sculptor Pod

Functionality of Uwell Sculptor Pod 

While auto-drawing, the LED shows how much battery life is left.

  1. Green light means the battery is over 60% full.
  2. Blue LED means the battery is between 30% and 60% full;
  3. Red LED means the battery is below 30% full.

If the battery stops working, the LED will know what to do.

  • Protection against short circuits: red LED blinks three times.
  • Low voltage protection: red LED blinks 10 times.
  • Overtime protection: the green LED blinks five times.


Not only does the Uwell Sculptor look great, but it also gives you an excellent MTL vaping experience with a robust and detailed taste and thick vapour.

This has a 370mAh battery that can be charged through the USB Type C port. 11W is the most power it can put out, and since there is only one coil resistance (1.2ohm mesh coil), this is just right.

It is pleasant to vape at 1.2ohms for a change since most new pods tend toward sub-ohm between 0.6ohms and 0.8ohms. This requires more wattage, so it's essential to have a bigger battery size. The Sculptor's battery life could be better, but it's pretty good too.

It only charges at 1Amp, but since it's only 370mAh, it doesn't take that long, about 30–40 minutes on average. If you need it to last longer, you can charge it again.

What is Included in its box

  • 1 Sculptor Device
  • 2 1.2ohm Sculptor Pods
  • 1 Type-C Cable
  • 1 User Manual, and 1 Necklace.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Box Includes

Final Words

It's a good choice for both new and experienced vapers. The Uwell Sculptor is very simple, and the draw feels like smoking a cigarette. The airflow is set up for classic MTL/cheek vaping, which is a lot like taking a drag on a cigarette and will please not only MTL vapers but also new users and people who are switching from tobacco.

There's nothing wrong with the taste or the way it makes vapour. The Uwell Sculptor always does this, and the auto-draw feature is reliable. The MTL vaping experience is perfect—the airflow resistance is just right. The new vaper will be happy that they don't have to mess with the airflow.

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