Vaping mistakes

Vaping mistakes people make when they start vaping

Are you finally ready to give up smoking? Since smoking is bad for your health in many ways. Stop the habit for good can only be good for you and your health. Quitting something as addicting as cigarettes is never easy. And it can be easy to start smoking again in the first few weeks after you quit.

But don't let that stop you. Vaping devices have gotten easier to use over the years. It's getting easier and easier to start vaping, especially with new devices for beginners. With this guide, you can learn from what others have done wrong and get off to a great start with vapes.

Getting an advanced vape mod

When people first start vaping, buying the wrong device is one of the most common mistakes. Unfortunately, advanced vape mods tend to look fancier than beginner devices. However, some shops encourage this by selling high-end devices to new users. That is not a good idea. You should try to find something easy to use. And also draws like a cigarette and gives you the right throat hit.

Most people new to vaping want something easy to use, like a cigarette that gives them the right throat hit. A vape starter kit is a great choice for new vapers. They are usually small, compact, and have an automatic draw, so they are easy to use.

vaporesso gen 200 advanced vape mod

Buying a vape device that isn't very good

You can accept it. If you've never bought a vape, it's easy to think they're all the same. For example, someone who has never bought a vape. However, he will think a vape pen with five-year-old technology in market stall is the same as any other gadget. But that's not true at all.

If you buy the wrong vape, you might:

  • Not good enough
  • Poor vapor production
  • Bad tobacco products
  • Battery life is short
  • Poor flavor production
  • The coils don't fit

Luckily, vapers have many options from best brands. These are Innokin, Aspire, Vaporesso etc and even these good brands often have devices for every budget. 

Too much nicotine to start

Salt-nic e-liquid has a much higher nicotine level and is meant for people who smoke. If you take too much nicotine, you may feel side effects for a short time. This is bad enough to hurt your body, but it will not kill you. If you feel like you have so much nicotine, stop vaping and drink lots of water.

Not replace the coil at sufficient intervals

Tanks get gunk from all the different e-liquids you've used as they age. They can also get burnt spots that make them taste less good or burnt. Burned coils are hazardous to your health, but you can completely avoid this by keeping your tank clean and changing your coils often. 

Beginning with the wrong amount of nicotine

It is important to start with the right amount of nicotine for you. Your e-liquid requires to be satisfying enough to make you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. People go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes if they use low nicotine level. Because that vaping is not satisfying enough

Not following the instructions for vape devices

Problems with devices are rare, but they can happen. The easiest way to prevent them is to read and follow the instructions on handling and using your vape device. Also, don't charge your devices or batteries because they can overheat and explode.

replace the coil

Getting the incorrect flavour

If you buy the wrong flavour, it could ruin your first impression and enjoyment of vaping. Because some people cannot tolerate specific flavours in their throat. Even they experience negative effects such as nausea after a few puffs. It's critical to try various flavours to get the one that's right for you.

This will make sure that vaping is a good replacement for smoking cigarettes. As you learn more about the different flavours of e-liquid, you will be less likely to return to smoking.

Getting the right amount of PG and VG

All e-liquids contain propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), colorless liquids. However it technically belong to the alcohol chemical class. Despite the name, they are not intoxicating because they are considered sugar alcohols. And also, they are found in many consumable products. PG and VG create the vapor when you vape. PG hits the back of your throat better and makes the flavour better. VG is sweeter, has a thicker consistency, and makes more vapour. For your first time, you should use e-liquid with a higher PG level. Because it's easier on the basic coil that most starter devices have.

Making mistakes when filling up the tank

Newer tanks are more convenient to fill. But it's still important to remember that you shouldn't pour e-liquid into the tank's central tube. Most up-to-date tanks have a fill port on the top or along the side of the tank. Check the instructions that came with the tank if you're not sure.

filling up the tank

Leaving your devices on in your pockets

Too often, vape devices explode in someone's pocket because they forgot to turn them off or lock them. Even though it doesn't happen very often with modern devices. However, it's still a good idea to turn off your device before you put it in your pocket when you're not using it. The best thing to do is to get a vape bag that can safely hold your devices.

Using the wrong tool and tank at the same time

This isn't always a big mistake since there are many ways to put things together that could work. For example, a hybrid mechanical mod needs a 510 pin that touches the battery directly to work. Most tanks don't have a 510 pin that sticks out very far, and mechanical mods don't have fail safes. If you don't know how to work with unregulated mods, like a hybrid mechanical mod, it's better to stick to regulated mods.

Not drinking enough water

Most e-liquids have propylene glycol in them, making you feel like you need to drink more water. It's an easy solution drink water. 

Mixing the flavours

So, you're done with menthol and want to try something else. When you put a custard cream in the tank to fill it up, you get a strange mixture of custard and menthol. 

If you like, you can mix some flavours, like menthol and fruit. But other flavours don't mix. Use a different tank or empty the tank and let it dry out before trying a new flavour.

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