Voopoo DRAG H80 S Pod Kit Review

Voopoo DRAG H80 S Pod Kit Review

The Voopoo Drag H80S is a simple sub-ohm pod system made to make big, tasty clouds in a small, sharp kit.

Voopoo Drag H80S is the newest member of the Drag family. As the perfect middle-ground vape kit, it makes sub-ohm vaping possible for almost everyone. With its quick, magnetic pods and push-to-fit coils, it is remarkably simple to use. The Drag H80S by Voopoo features cutting-edge technology with its Gene TT chip, which is controlled by a stunningly colored and bright screen, making using this powerful mod simple and enjoyable.

This device is designed for DTL and RDTL vaping, which differs greatly from the MTL hits commonly found in a smaller vape pen.

What is included in Box?

  • One Drag H80S Device
  • One 4.5mL PnP Pod 2
  • One 0.15ohm PnP-TW15
  • One 0.3ohm PnP-TW30
  • One Type-C cord
  • One User Manual

Voopoo Drag H80S Box

VOOPOO Drag H80S Pod Mod Kit Features:

  • Chipset GENE.TT 2.0
  • Dimensions: 123mm by 32mm by 26mm
  • Battery capacity: single 18650 battery, which is not included
  • Wattage Range: 5-80W
  • Voltage Range: 3.2-4.2
  • Resistance: 0.1-3.0ohm
  • Power Modes: Smart, RBA, ECO
  • Zinc and aluminum alloy make up the chassis
  • Pod capacity: 4.5mL
  • Top-Fill - Quarter Turn Removeable Cap
  • Compatible with All PnP Coils
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • OLED Display Screen
  • Two Adjustment Buttons
  • Adjustable airflow control based on the chassis

Quality and design

The Box is slim and stylish and is made of metal and leather. There are six different colors for it. The clearomizer fits in the section at the top. The fire button is on the front of the Box. A good sign is that it makes a dull click. A TFT makes up the color screen. This makes it easy to read even when the sun is shining brightly. At a glance, you can see the device's current battery life, vaping mode, power output, coil value, tension output, and puff counter. The battery charging USB-C port and plus and minus buttons are located underneath. Two magnets on the back secure the leather-covered battery door to the body of the Box. In big letters, the word "DRAG" is stamped into the leather.

A 18650 battery fits inside the battery compartment. There are clear signs for the positive and negative poles. It has a spring-mounted negative pole. On the Box, there are no degassing holes.

Voopoo Drag H80S Design

Coils and the PnP POD II

The Voopoo PnP 2 Replacement Pod is refillable and can hold about 4-5 mL of e-juice, giving you several days of vaping time before needing to be refilled.  The pod vape is made of plastic. The mouthpiece is in the shape of a cylinder and is wide enough to let a lot of vapor flow through.

Voopoo Drag H80S pod

Voopoo's innovative airflow design is used in the pod. It has a scalloped edge on the bottom so that three metal prongs can fit into the holes when the pod vape is in place. This design keeps the pod secure in the device and controls airflow. When you turn the pod, the metal prong moves, which opens and closes the airflow windows. It's a new way to control airflow, and it works great.

The pod's two silicon fill ports can be accessed by unscrewing the black mouthpiece. Fill the pod vapes with e-juice until it is about two-thirds full by inserting the tip of your e-juice bottle into the fill port. The mod has a strong magnetic ring that the pod's three smaller magnets grab to keep it securely in place.


Two Voopoo PNP Replacement coils are included in the kit. Use the PnP-TW 30 0.3 ohms for 28–36W and the PnP-TW 15 0.15 ohm for 55–70W. When you vape, the flavor is good enough, no matter what coil you use. But the vapour is extremely thin.


To turn on or off the Voopoo Drag H80S, you quickly press the larger button on top 5 times. When you want to vape, you press this button most of the time. The device doesn't have an automatic draw sensor. You can secure your device by pressing the power button and the plus button at the same time. Pressing and holding the plus and minus buttons at the same time will bring up the settings menu.

When you use the Voopoo Drag H80S, you can choose from three modes:

SMART: When a PNP coil is used, this mode automatically determines the safest power levels to keep the coil from overheating.

ECO: Power-saving mode activated.

RBA: Choose any wattage between 5 and 60 watts.

The OLED screen shows you all the information you need to know in a way that is easy to understand.

Adjusting airflow

The way the airflow can be changed is one of the best things about the Drag H80s. The tank is securely attached to the deck with magnets, and the base of the coil sits in the small basin. By turning the tank, you move a slider that blocks the airflow to both sides. By turning more, you can open up just one side or finish the turn to open both sides. This really lets you fine-tune the airflow to exactly how you want it.

Batterie cover

The battery compartment can be reached by pulling off the leather grip. The positive end is marked with a big +, and it is under the tank. Although it could have been done easily, there is no marking for the negative end. The battery is held tightly, and the end with the negative charge pops up. When you take out the battery, try to press down on it so you don't damage the wrap.

Voopoo Drag H80S Battery cover


The Drag H80S Kit by Voopoo is the newest pod system on the market. It is powered by an external 18650 battery and can put out up to 80W. Drag H80S has a pod airflow adjustment that lets you fine-tune the flavor and a 4.5ml juice capacity that can hold enough liquid to vape all day.

The Voopoo Drag H80S Pod is a new and improved vape kit for experienced vapers that works with a single battery. The Drag H80S has a PNP Pod II, which works with the PNP coil series and gives better performance than earlier models.  Since the Voopoo H80S only comes with one battery, you don't have to carry around multiple batteries and chargers. This makes it a great choice for vaporizing on the go. Check all vape prices In Pakistan at vape mall.

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