Voopoo V-Mate Infinity Pod Kit review

Voopoo V-Mate Infinity Pod Kit review

Voopoo V-Mate Infinity is the most recent version of a popular pod kit. The design has been changed a little bit for the Infinity Edition. It has a 900mAh battery and a Gene.AI chipset that automatically sets the power level.

Voopoo V-Mate Infinity Pod Kit is easy to use because it has no buttons or other complicated features. It's only turned on by auto-draw.

The upgrade is the new V2 pods, which have better performance, a design that keeps them from leaking, and a mouthpiece that kills germs.

There are 5 different colours of the V-Mate Infinity Edition: Fancy Purple, Golden Brown, Shiny Green, Gradient Blue, and Dark Grey.

Voopoo V-Mate Infinity Pod Specifications


Parameters for cartridge

  • Capacity is 3.0ml
  • Materials: PCTG and Silver Ion
  • Resistance: 0.7Ω
  • Recommended E-liquid: Nicotine≤50mg

Device Parameters

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: 95.5mm x 28.5mm x 15mm
  • Output Power: ≤17W
  • Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
  • Resistance: 0.7-3Ω
  • Capacity of the battery: 900mAh

Quality and design

V-Mate Cartridge V2

This kit from Voopoo comes with one of the new pod cartridges, the 0.7. The pod can be refilled and has a fill port on the side. Like most vape pods, the fill port is covered with a silicone bung. Additionally, this has the coil's Ohms molded into it.

It has a non-replaceable coil. Once the vape coil has reached the end of its useful life, you must purchase a new pod. A couple of small holes on the bottom of the V-Mate V2 pod handle airflow.

V-Mate Cartridge V2

The cartridge of V-mate Infinity is made of plastic and has a smoky appearance. The way it's put together is excellent. The mouthpiece fits perfectly in the mouth. It is also antibacterial and ergonomically designed to provide a safer and more comfortable vaping experience.

Voopoo V-Mate Infinity Device

This device is about 95mm tall when the pod is in place. The width of this device is 25 mm, and it's about 10 mm thick.

The case of the V-Mate Infinity is made of aluminum alloy, and it only weighs 90g, so it is very easy on the pocket.

Voopoo V-Mate Infinity Device

From the top

The pod has the standard spring-loaded gold contact points, and the pod is a press-fit design that stays in place without using magnets. Both the front and back of the device have a printed brand name along the edge. Voopoo" is printed on one side. While the word "Gene AI" is written on the other side.

Both sides have one tiny hole for airflow, which can also be seen inside the pod. Near the bottom of one side, the light from the LED indicator shines through a symbol for "infinity" (). This will light up when you puff on it, but it will also inform you of the battery's condition and will be illuminated when charging.

The Type C Charge Port is on the bottom of the device, which is used to charge the 900mAh battery.

Voopoo V-Mate Infinity Pod

There are a few ways in which the Voopoo Vmate V2 Replacement Pod that comes with the V-MATE Infinity differs from the original V-MATE pods. First of all, it is easier to see into, which is excellent for checking the level of your e-juice. Also, the oval-shaped holes on each pod's side do not have knurling as the original pods do.

The most significant difference is that these pods are made of silver ions and PCTG, which makes them antibacterial. There isn't any silver that you can see. Silver ion is known to kill bacteria, and according to Voopoo, it is 99% antibacterial. This pod also has a "Fresnel lens function," as Voopoo refers. This is supposed to reduce e-liquid light deterioration.

V-MATE pod

Voopoo also claims to have conducted 128 engineering tests to make the mouthpiece as comfortable as possible. That is a lot of work for a drip tip.

The pod can hold 3ml of e-juice, and the rubber plug on the side can be opened to add more. When you put the pod in, this rubber plug is hidden, so you have to take the pod out to refill—no big deal.

The pod resistance is also printed on the rubber plug, so you know precisely which pod you are using. The fill hole is large and easy to reach. You can fill this pod with 100ml chubby bottles and have no trouble. The easiest way to fill the pod is to turn it upside down, allowing you to fill it all the way.


The Voopoo VMATE Infinity has the same 900mAh battery as the first model. t also supports Type-C charging. When combined with the device's maximum output of 17W, this 900mAh battery goes a long way. The Voopoo V-MATE Infinity also only takes an hour to charge from the dead, so you'll never be without it for too long.

On the side of the device, the Infinity symbol lights up in different colours to show how full the battery is. Every time you take a draw, it will light up. These are the hues:

  • Green: 60-100%
  • Blue: 20-60%
  • Red: 0-20%


One 0.7 pod comes with the VMATE Infinity. This pod is suitable for vaping nicotine salts of 50mg or less and regular nicotine e-juices of all nicotine strengths.

The MTL draw on the 0.7 pods is on the right side. It is excellent, and the warmth is perfect for quickdraws. It gets hot quickly when the battery is complete, and the draw is long. The flavour profile is excellent. This pod has a full, rich flavour and is really enjoyable. Even with 20mg nic salts, the throat hit is nice. It's a throat hit that's always there and gets stronger as the salts get stronger.

What is in the box of Voopoo V-Mate infinity

  • Voopoo V-Mate Infinity Device
  • The V-Mate Cartridge V2 is 0.7 ohm
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User Manual


Final words for Voopoo V-Mate Infinity Device

The VMATE Infinity has a beautiful design. It has excellent build quality, is high-end, and is well-designed. It's hard to dislike how it looks and some of the pod's features. Furthermore, it doesn't leak and kills germs.

This kit is best for vapers like an RDL or airy MTL vape since it comes with a 0.7ohm pod.

If you like a hot draw from your vape pod, the Voopoo V-MATE Infinity gives you a draw that is hotter than most.

The flavour and MTL draw is also good, so it is a complete package for MTL vapers who want a hot draw. It also works well with nicotine salts of all strengths, but even regular nicotine vapers will enjoy using this device.

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