What you should know about sub-ohm vaping

What you should know about sub-ohm vaping

There is a lot of terminology in the vaping industry. Although this is helpful for organizing a wide variety of vapes, it can be hard to understand for new vapers.  Sub Ohm vapes are examples of it. In this post, we're going to explain what it means and its benefits and when should consider the sub-ohm vaping experience.

What is Sub-Ohm vaping?

Ohms are the units used to measure the resistance of an atomizer. You see, every atomizer has a certain amount of resistance. Depending on how high or low that resistance is, your battery can move a current through it faster or slower, which heats your atomizer's wick faster or slower and makes more or less vapour. Usually, atomizers have a resistance of between 1 and 2 ohms. Sub-ohm vaping is when the resistance of your atomizer is less than 1 ohm. Many people look for sub-ohm e-liquid vaporizer batteries and cartridges because they can push current through at a much faster rate thanks to their low resistance. This makes them ideal for cloud chasers and people who take up vaping as a hobby rather than an alternative.

How Can You Sub-Ohm vaping?

Back in the dark ages, Sub Ohm vaping requires a strong understanding of Ohms’s law, wrapping your own wire, testing the resistance, wicking, and dripping. You can still do all of that now (if you want to), but you also have a wide range of great Sub Ohm tanks to choose from. They are made with very low resistances, can handle high wattage, and can produce as much vapour as even the most finely tuned homemade coils.

Sub-Ohm Tanks

With one of those and a Mod Kits that can put out 40 watts or more of power, you can have a great Sub Ohm experience that gives you great vape flavors and those atomic-sized clouds. The way you inhale is a little different when you vape with your mouth to your lungs. When you MTL tank vape, as the name suggests, you draw vapor into your mouth and down into your lungs. Sub-Ohm vaping, which is also known as "direct to lung" vaping, skips the mouth. You inhale much more deeply and straight into your lungs. You'll get supercharged clouds when you combine higher airflow, low PG/high VG vape juice, and more power from your mod.

What Are the Benefits of Sub ohm Vaping

Large Numbers of Clouds

Sub-ohm vape devices produce massive amounts of vapor, which is ideal for impressing your vape buddies during group sessions. It's understandable why cloud chasers favor this vaping method.

Stronger Flavor

If you know how vapor and flavor concentration are related, you'll know that more vapor means more hits of flavor. As a result, sub-ohm favors not only cloud chasing but also taste chasing. Furthermore, because VG is the major vape flavours-carrying component in e-liquids and only high-VG e-liquids are utilized for this vaping, you can be certain that the VG content of sub-ohm juices is off the charts.

Stronger Nicotine Hit

Inhaling more vapor means taking in more nicotine. So, each hit gives you a full lungful, which makes you feel better faster. Also, DTL vaping makes the hit of chemicals even stronger, which is why harsh vape liquids shouldn't be used with sub-ohm.

Stronger Lung Hit

The throat hit from MTL vaping is great, but the lung hit isn't as strong. DTL vaping, on the other hand, delivers the distinct DTL hit that so many experienced vapers want. This hit might be too strong for new vapers, which is another reason why this vaping method is only for experts.

More devices and customization options

The devices are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. They also allow for many adjustments, allowing you to enjoy a unique vaping experience. For example, a sub-ohmer lets you change the power, airflow, and voltage to meet your needs. You can also replace the batteries and make other changes, such as rebuilding the tank. Best Sub ohm mods available in market are following:


Some vapers even go so far as to design their own custom sub-Ohmer from scratch. Typical e-cigarettes for MTL vaping do not allow for many adjustments; in fact, most do not even allow you to manually refill vape juice.

The best PG/VG ratios and nicotine strengths for sub-ohm vaping

Ratio PG/VG

When it comes to the PG/VG ratio, you should choose fluids with a lot of VG. They produce intense vape flavours and do not cause a burning sensation when the vapors enter your lungs. The best ratio would be 70VG to 30PG. Any e-juice with a VG content of 60% or more will often work.

Nicotine Strength

Most sub-ohm vapers use 0.3 percent nicotine strength (or 3mg). This is primarily due to the fact that sub-ohm produces a lot of vapor, therefore the lower the chemical concentration, the less likely you are to become intoxicated. If you smoke a lot and want to quit, you'll need to vape juices with more nicotine.

When Should You Consider Sub-Ohm Vaping

You should go with sub-ohm if:

  • You're a vaper who likes to chase vape clouds.
  • You don’t mind sacrificing anything for a better-tasting vape
  • You want to explore a variety of vaping styles and setups.
  • You want to explore different vape styles and settings
  • You have a high-powered device
  • You can't stand the way harsh PG fluids make your throat hurt.


Sub-ohm vaping has been popular for ten years and doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. Although the word has been replaced by more precise descriptors like DL and RDL, this method of vaping is still a great choice for smokers who are switching to vaping and want an experience that is entirely free of combustible tobacco.

Sub-Ohm has become more popular than standard vaping, based on the increased demand for "specialist" vaping materials and sub-Ohm tanks. After all, it is simple to understand why: a flavor that is rich and powerful, a hit that is stronger than the standard hit. Sub-ohm is if you want thick clouds of vapour with intense vapour and warmth. All vape devices are available in a vape shop in Pakistan.

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