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Why does the Coil of my Electronic Cigarette burn my throat

Frequently asked questions to our team include “Why does my vapes burn my throat?” A question that often comes up among beginners, who have not yet fully mastered their electronic cigarette. We help you avoid the problem of Coil that burns your throat, a well-known phenomenon in the world of vaping!

Why is my e-cigarette burning my throat?

It's not really your Vape that burns your throat. It's resistance! You know, resistance, also called coil. As it does not have an unlimited lifespan, it eventually wears out. This wear is characterized by less and less dense vapour, with a loss of flavour. When really worn out, the Coil of an e-cigarette can end up making the vapor really unpleasant to inhale.

When the vapor takes on a burnt taste, it gives a sore throat. It can tingle or even give an unpleasant burning sensation. Nothing really dangerous, but it prevents you from continuing to vape. There is only one thing left to do: take action!

What if when I vape, the Coil burns my throat?

If your vaper burns your throat, ask yourself the right questions:

Is the tank of my e cig full? If the Coils are not properly soaked in e-liquid, they will heat up in a vacuum. This will heat the cotton or the fiber contained in the Coil, which will give this irritating effect and this burnt taste. In the jargon of the vape, we call the fact that a resistance burns the throat because it has heated without being soaked in e-liquid the “dry hit”. Attention! In the event of a significant dry hit, the fibers of the resistance can burn and force you to throw it away. Hence the importance of always properly priming your coils and making sure you always have enough e-liquid in the tank before vaping!

Is my electronic cigarette Coil well primed? Sometimes, we want to go too fast by installing a new resistor. This can lead to forgetting the initiation phase of the latter. It must imperatively, before being used, be soaked in e-liquid by pouring a few drops at the level of its openings, then by being left in the tank 5/10 minutes before starting to vape. If this priming procedure is not done, the risk of dry hit, which you are now familiar with, may occur. It would be a shame to have to throw away a new Coil that burns your throat, so do everything in the rules of the art!

Is my resistor old? If you've been dragging the same resistance for two months, it's normal that it's good to go in the trash! If you vape gourmet e-liquids, the inside of the coil tends to caramelize faster than with other Vape flavours. This triggers premature aging, which again can give a burning sensation in the throat.

Do electronic cigarettes give you a sore throat?

The electronic cigarette does not burn your throat or give you a sore throat when used correctly. This means by priming the Coils well, by ensuring the level of e-liquid in the tank and by changing the resistance regularly. With that, the flavors are at the top and the steam is present!

Nevertheless, there are times when the electronic cigarette burns the throat without the Coil being the cause. The vape gives a sore throat to people who are intolerant or allergic to propylene glycol. It's rare, but it does exist! Fortunately, there are many PG-free e-liquids, as is the case with organic products.

Sometimes a sore throat while vaping is caused by very high levels of nicotine. Very heavy smokers who need 16mg/ml, 18mg/ml or even 20mg/ml of nicotine can have a burning throat with their e-cigarette. This scenario also has its solution since there are many e-liquids with nicotine salt. These salts have many advantages, such as express deliverability, intense nicotine satisfaction and softness when the vapor passes through the throat, with a less pronounced hit.

If you come across someone who tells you that their Pod Vape gives them a sore throat, do not hesitate to recommend this article!

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