Why is my device overheating

Why is my Vape device overheating? Causes and tips

As vaping keeps getting more popular as a way to quit smoking, it's essential to know what problems could happen with these devices. The overheating of vaping equipment is a problem that many vapers worry about. An overheated item is uncomfortable to use and may be dangerous. This article will discuss the causes of vaping device overheating and how to avoid and resolve the problem.

What causes vape devices hot?

Chain vaping

Chain vaping, which refers to taking several consecutive puffs without giving the device time to cool down, is one of the main reasons for vaping devices overheating. Continuous vaping puts too much strain on the device's battery, which causes it to produce more heat. Continuous vaping prevents proper heat dissipation and can lead to overheating.

High power settings

Vaping for a long time at high wattage or power levels also causes the device to overheat. Turning up the device's power makes more heat, especially if it doesn't have enough airflow or cooling systems. To avoid excessive heat accumulation, it's critical to operate within the coil's and the device's suggested power range. To find the optimal power settings, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Insufficient Airflow

Insufficient airflow is yet another cause of overheating devices. The heat produced during vaping cannot effectively escape when the airflow is restricted. A malfunction in the device's design, obstructed air vents, or congested airflow channels all contribute to poor airflow. Regularly clean and maintain your vaping device to ensure optimal airflow and prevent overheating.

Restricted Juice Flow

Wicking is the leading cause of coil gunk because the gunk stops the wick around your coil from taking up vape flavours. Other factors tank's construction is to limited juice flow due to the e-liquid's thickness, which may also contribute to this issue. Because VG is thicker than PG, high VG drinks (70% VG or more) have the same wicking problem. The same issue can occur if you have "liquid flow control," which is a way to block the path from the tank to the wick set too low. This feature is found on some tanks.

Battery Problems

The battery is essential to your vaping device's operation. Batteries can lose their power and become less effective over time. Your battery needs to be replaced if you notice it isn't retaining a charge very well or is losing power unusually soon. Old or broken batteries may not be able to give the device the power it needs, which can cause the device to overheat.

Tips to Avoid and Control Overheating

Give Your Vaping Device Enough Time to Cool Down

To keep your vaping device from getting too hot, give it enough time to cool down between puffs. Too much heat can build up if you don't take breaks while smoking. Follow the device's suggested cooling times. Set your gadget aside for a few minutes to cool off after usage if you notice it is getting warm while in use.

Adjust the power settings

To keep your vape device from getting too hot, use it within the power range recommended for your coil and device. Excessive wattage usage strains the battery and heating elements, generating higher heat. If you want more power, look for gadgets with built-in cooling features that are made to get rid of heat faster.

Ensure Proper Airflow

To ensure proper airflow, clean and maintain your vaping equipment regularly. Look for any obstructions in the coil region, mouthpiece, or air vents. E-liquid residue and dirt build up and block the airflow, making it harder for heat to escape. Clean your equipment according to the manufacturer's instructions to eliminate any accumulation and restore proper airflow.

Check Battery Health

Check the battery health of your vaping equipment. Batteries can degrade over time, which can affect their capacity and performance. If you notice frequent overheating or a decrease in battery life soon, it means the battery needs to be replaced. Always buy original, high-quality batteries from trusted providers to assure their quality and validity, like vape stores like Vapemall, and follow the safety rules for batteries. We also provide all-brand devices like VOOPOO, VEPRESSO, CALIBURN, etc.

Check the E-juice flow

If your tank has liquid flow control, re-open it, and the problem should be resolved. If you use high-VG e-liquid but feel a lot of heat and dry puffs while vaping, your tank may be inappropriate. Use a sub-ohm tank instead, or while still using the same tank, use e-liquid with less VG. If you're still experiencing dry puffs after doing either of these things, it means that the wick you were using was already burned.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Your vaping gadget may not work well if exposed to high temperatures. Low temperatures can lower battery efficiency, while high temperatures may hasten the battery's degradation. To prevent battery problems and possible overheating, avoid leaving your device in the sun, in a hot car, or in cold weather.

Beware of coil "gunk"

Sometimes, gunk builds up around the coil and stops it from wicking e-juice well. This generally makes the coil heat up too much without making much vapor. You'll also get dry puffs because the wick isn't soaked in e-juice. If you keep using the vape like this, the material on the wick will burn. Buying another vape coil kit is the fastest way to fix this problem. But you can clean the coil if you don't want to. You'll be fine if you get rid of the gunk around the coil. Since a coil can only be cleaned so much, this won't work as well as a new one. Also, the coil needs time to dry out before you can use it again. Your coils occasionally have a chance to develop an unsightly encrustation of a gunk-like substance. But you don't have to be scared because this is dried-up vape juice.


Understanding the reasons for vaping devices overheating and taking the preventative procedures outlined in this blog post can dramatically lower the chance of overheating. In order to operate your vaping device safely and effectively, it is essential to allow enough time for cooling, optimize power settings, maintain optimum airflow, keep an eye on the battery's health, and stay away from high temperatures. By taking these steps, you can improve your vaping experience and reduce the chances of it getting too hot or causing other problems. Moreover, you can purchase new a pod vape and check the vape price in Pakistan.

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