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Are you looking for Best disposable pod vape in Pakistan? We suggest you try RELX, which is an international vape company with a great reputation.

In this blog, you know about everything and what is the reason that RELX is becoming popular in Pakistan.

Short detail about RELX

Since 2017, RELX has worked to improve vaping and e-cigarette technologies. They use the most advanced production methods to make some of the most cutting-edge vaping gear on the market. RELX's product vaping has cutting-edge technology and also has modern designs that vapers will like. RELX makes its vaped products simple to use so that people from all around the world can vape anyplace without hassle.

As we Compared Relx pro pods to other vape product devices in the market, then we came to know that RELX focuses on making stylish and sophisticated pieces of vape equipment. The relx vape pens and electronic cigarettes have long-lasting batteries and quickly charge up. The best thing about using RELX is that it gives you a new and different way to vape. You can vape with RELX for a long time and still get a smooth pull every time.

Top RELX Device in Pakistan market

The relx Infinity kit is your top choice if you're wondering which RELX gadget to purchase in Pakistan.

Relx Infinity Kit

RELX Infinity Kit is ideal for novice vapers. The kit includes 1.9 mL nicotine-filled pods. Colours include black, silver, and red.

Infinity Kit is Portable and lightweight. Its rounder shape increases grip compared to the Classic Kit. Infinity Kit pod can provide 650 puffs.

The new member of the RELX family is the RELX Infinity Single Pod vape device. The Infinity is a small, light pen device for beginners and experts. Super Smooth Performance is built into RELX Infinity and is made possible by Air Boost and Active-Steam Pro Technologies.


Relx Infinity pod Kit

What is special in RELX Infinity Kit?

Magnets keep pods in the Infinity Kit. The Infinity Kit vibrates. This is a wonderful tool for controlling nicotine intake or tracking vaping. Super Smooth Tech and FEELM's newest pod design are in RELX's Infinity Kit.

Infinity ensures that the activation diagram is set to the right temperature to get a lot of steam and a great flavour. When you put a pre-filled pod into the device, it gives you a vibration.

Who should acquire relx Infinity?

The RELX Infinity Kit is great for beginners and nicotine-cutters. These pods are 5%, 3%, and 0%. The Infinity Kit's 3 percent pods would please a half-pack-a-day smoker.

The nicotine-free capsules resemble a throat hit. The Infinity Kit offers menthol for nicotine quitters.

What the RELX Infinity Device Can Do?

  • Leak Resistant Maze
The Relx Infinity replacement pods are made with 11 layers of material to stop leaks and condensation from happening inside. This makes vaping safer.
  • Ergonomic design for the mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of the RELX Infinity is made to fit your lips. This helps stop air from leaking out and makes breathing easier.

  • Symmetrical Pods

The new infinity pods are the same on both sides so you can put them into the RELX Infinity device either way.

  • Vibration Alert for Smart pace

The Infinity has an automatic alert system to help you keep track of how much you vape. If you will take more than 15 puffs in 15 minutes, the infinity device will send you a warning in the form of a gentle vibration.

  • Duel charging System.

The RELX Infinity Device has a C-Type fast charge cable and can also be charged wirelessly. Check out our RELX Slim-fit Charging Case to wirelessly charge your infinity device.

Charging covers are available at Vapemall stores and website.

RELX Pods Flavours

RELX creates its own pod flavours blend using non-oil-based flavouring that is frequently used in culinary goods. Since nicotine salt e-liquids are the newest trend of relx pods in this nicotine salt is their main component.

RELX Pro Pod offer enhanced protection against leakage in both your mouth and pockets. 

Relx Infinity pod flavours


The RELX Pro Pod come in a variety of flavors, including:

  • Menthol Plus
  • Ludou Ice
  • Garden's Heart
  • Fresh Red
  • Dark Sparkle
  • Rich Tobacco
  • Tangy Purple

Battery life

RELX has a 380mAh battery. The RELX pods require a stronger battery to ensure a good vaping experience because they have a bigger capacity. As RELX claims the battery lasts for 500-650 puffs.


Now you know everything about the RELX pods of vape products. And now it’s clear that the brand is becoming the newest thing in Pakistan. Customers can choose from a wide variety of unique pod kits and pair them with any RELX device they want. Infinity RELX always puts the customer first by making sure both new and experienced vapers are happy.

With their high-tech vape gear and batteries that last a long time, RELX is taking over as the best vape kit on the market.

You can buy relx pod flavours in Pakistan from the vape mall store and also have online opportunities for their clients.

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