Why Vape


 * A few years ago, the phrase a non-smoker said to a smoker was: “Do you smoke?” ". For some time now, it has become: “Are you still smoking? ". Implied, “despite everything”. Despite the advice of specialists, despite the price.

It is not out of vanity that we change our rituals that we start using an electronic cigarette overnight and the reasons for this transition are incredibly multiple. Why vape? A why often calls for a single answer? There, very clearly, the switch to vaping can be done for multiple overlapping reasons. *


With the multiple increases in the price of tobacco, and everyone has understood that the pack of cigarettes which passes the ten euro mark is not an outcome but a stage, smoking has quite simply become a luxury. Every smoker has already asked themselves the question when seeing a full ashtray and doing calculations to know whether several hundred euros per month were the most relevant investment for something that ends up at the bottom of an ashtray. The answer is obviously no.

Economically, the smoker must always ask himself the question of what he could do with the mountain of virtual money that he could amass without his ritual which seems insurmountable to abandon.

Any expensive project becomes more accessible as soon as we no longer have this hemorrhage on the bank accounts. You should know that switching to vaping is absolutely not a Himalayan ordeal. A million French people have quit smoking with electronic cigarettes. Financially, it is still a cost but not comparable to traditional cigarettes. And each increase in the price of the package obviously widens the gap.

Especially since the price of the electronic cigarette is not necessarily extreme, especially if you opt for models like Kuit(a model which has the advantage of being found everywhere , at most tobacconists for example), a system capsules, discreet, totally easy to use. No special knowledge is necessary to use a Kuit e-cigarette.

The pods clip into the battery, and no pressure is needed to produce vapor either. A Kuit kit is ready to use as soon as it is opened. With Kuit, vaporization is without any unpleasant surprises, we are on discreet vapor, therefore modest liquid consumption, and the pre-filled capsules offer one of the largest capacities on the market. Again, it is very economical.


The slightest warning on a packet of cigarettes reminds us, and the medical world too: Smoking is harmful to our health. Let's just remember that a British study, a founding study when talking about vaping, explains that vaping is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. But beyond that, battles of figures and studies which are in the majority of cases positive for vaping, we can return to simple or intuitive observations. What non-smoker really enjoys the smell of smoke?

All studies regarding tobacco mean the same thing: starting and continuing to smoke is strongly discouraged. All serious studies on vaping also point in the same direction: vaping is less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

For multiple reasons. The first is that vaporization is not combustion and the substances generated by this phenomenon, rather than vaporization, if they can be avoided must be avoided, such as tars and carbon monoxide, two molecules that do not do not appear when inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette.

But despite these fundamental differences in molecules between cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, the transition from the first to the second is not as huge as it seems in terms of feeling. The neo-vaper ex-smoker will inhale in the same way, expel the vapor as he expelled the smoke and the nicotine will have the same effect. It is therefore a gentle alternative thanks to which we can manage the nicotine level downwards precisely.


With vaping, the number of flavors is endless. For the Kuit cigarette alone, there are more than 15 flavours and not just classic tobacco which will be similar to tobacco. We also find mint plus, double grape or watermelon burst.

There would be many other arguments that would answer the question “Why vape?” ". On the contrary, none is admissible to the question “Why smoke?” ".

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