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Freshly baked homemade Blueberry Rhubarb Pie

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


Do you love the taste of pie? Do you love the taste of blueberry rhubarb pie? Well you’re in luck, for this vape juice will give you that savory blueberry taste all in the form of a liquid that you will love.

It’s the perfect blueberry flavor according to many people, and it’s got that unique freshness that you will surely enjoy. With each inhalation, you’ll feel like you’re sitting there in the kitchen eating grandma’s pie. It’s the perfect blueberry vape juice for those that love the taste, or have that as their favorite pie.

With this juice, you will get a premium flavor as well. it actually does taste like blueberries and blueberry pie, not artificially or anything. the premium nature of this juice is why many people enjoy it, and it is so sweet that you’ll want more, but not so sweet that it’s overwhelming.

You can get it at different strengths as well, so if you’re trying to quit smoking or want an alternative, this is the way to go and plus, you’re getting an awesome blueberry pie taste.

It’s a taste that’s a winner, and one that many people enjoy each time they use it. It goes down easily, and with the taste of it, it’s the perfect combination of sweet, but not so overwhelming that you won’t want to use this liquid. It’s one for anyone who likes homemade blueberry pie.