CHO-CHO Puffs (previously called Chocolate Puffs)

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Creamy milk poured over crunchy chocolate puffs for a delicious morning vape

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Do you like puffy chocolate cereal, such as cocoa puffs?  Well, this is the perfect vape for you if that’s the case. This is part of the delightful cereal vapes that are a perfect addition to your morning routine.  This cereal vape liquid tastes just like the real thing, which means you’re getting a tasty chocolate taste with a milky texture to it as well, and it tastes just like cereal with milk, which is what makes it even better. It’s a rich, creamy vape liquid that you will enjoy.

The rich, cocoa flavor to it tastes just like chocolate puffs, which means you’ll be getting a sweet, succulent taste whenever you use this. it’s a refreshing and great taste for your taste buds, and it surely is a prime addition to your morning routine, for it provides not only great flavors, but also an amazing taste that you’ll truly enjoy.