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The sweet taste of grape, the sour of lime, mixed to produce a flavor of galactic proportions

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Do you want a flavor that’s out of this world? Well, this premium vape juice can give you that, and so much more. The most obvious flavor in all of this is the taste of grape, which is both sweet, and yet succulent. But, it’s also combined with another flavor, the sour taste of lime. Together, these two come together to give you a flavor that’s intergalactic in size and scope, and it’s one that’s quite fun, and one that certainly many of us like to indulge in.

It’s got sweetness, and a sour texture to it. For many, it’s the perfect combination of both of these to give you something different, and something that you will enjoy.

For those of us who like something that’s different, but fun, this is the perfect option, and it’s one that you will get to indulge in and enjoy readily with this fun vape juice.