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Crisp red apple dipped in sweet cream cheese icing

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is a unique and very fun apple flavored vape.  It’s got a crisp taste that’s popular with red apples, and it’s got that familiar tangy texture as well. but, it’s also laced with a sweet cream cheese icing, which gives it a cream cheese taste, but also a flavor that is quite satisfying as well. in a sense, it tastes like an apple with cream cheese icing on it, which might be strange to some, but it’s quite appetizing.

It has premium flavors to it, meaning that when you get a taste of it, your taste buds will sizzle. It tastes almost like you’re actually having an apple as you use it, and this popular flavor is one that many enjoy, and it’s one that people do tend to love. It’s got the warm, luscious flavors that you will enjoy, and you too can indulge in these great flavors with this vape liquid.